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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


**BEWARE...DANCING WITH THE STARS SPOILER** (That's for all you fellow DVR users out there)

Okay, I've had two guilty TV pleasures this year: American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. But seriously, I'm Mormon, how could I not support Brooke White and David Archuleta?! They're my peeps. All I have to say after tonight is, "MORMONS REPRESENT!" :) Just kidding. Really, though, I don't think there's any way that David Archuleta won't win American Idol. I almost fell off the couch when Ryan Seacrest said that David had chosen to sing "Imagine" as his last song. He is brilliant for choosing that. When he sang it the first time, he made me cry. I kept it on my DVR for weeks afterward and would listen to it every now and then. I know, I'm pathetic. I can't help myself...the kid has AMAZING pipes! And to think, he's only 17! Wow. I just hope he doesn't become corrupted by fame.

And Dancing with the Stars, well, justice was served. I think the whole world knew that Kristi would win the whole thing the first time she danced. It was as if the producers had paired two professionals with each other. She is amazing as well - the turns, the footwork, the precision and emotion. She had it all. Jason Taylor had no chance.

You know where I'll be tomorrow night. Popcorn, sweets, and forwarded commercial breaks (thank goodness for DVR)...I can't wait to see the AI finale! Where will you be? Is anyone else out there following these shows or am I really as pathetic as I sound?


abby said...

i'm glad i'm not the only one. dwts is my favorite show and it is the only show i vote on. sad yes. but who cares. i was rooting for Chritian but truly Kristi deserved to win. and as for american idol. i know archuleta is mormon but i have to root for david cook. he is original and rocks it out. he is a fantastic talent. and though archuleta is good i think he'll be getting more votes just because of his religion and that's too bad. he will probably win but they'll both have record deals anyway!

Daniel said...

Archuleta has an awesome voice but I like the original version of "Imagine" much better than his version.

As for David Cook, he doesn't impress too much. There are so many out there with his voice. Too many of those raspy rocker bands now.

I want to know how many people actually watch American Idol and how many people actually vote. They say 50 million people voted last time, but is that really 50 million people voting or is it one million voting 50 times? They need a system that doesn't allow people to vote more than once.

It probably doesn't matter anyway. I bet the three judges pick the winner while all the voters think they are picking him/her.

Wow, I'm not even a 13-year-old girl and I'm commenting so much on American Idol. I need to find something to do. :)

Freckles said...

I like those 2 shows too! I have been following AI this season and want Archeleta to win, but I too hope that he doesn't become corrupted and big-headed. On the news interview it sounded like he wasn't going to serve a mission if he gets signed?! Sad. My little bro actually turned down a record deal to go serve a mission (I was so proud). So hopefully he can remember his priorities first too. By the way, my brother now has a contract with a japanese label. Kinda funny, but his style changed so much after his mission, more mello and electronic.

Unfortunately I couldn't keep up with Dancing with the starts. I love that show, too, Most people don't know, but I used to be on the UVSC ballroom team! I love ballroom dance.

Liz said...

Abby, I don't think David Archuleta will win JUST because of his religion. It certainly helps and I'm sure the votes spike as you cruise over the Midwest. But he has such a smooth, pure voice, and a humble, quirky teen personality that the little girls just fall in love with. I like David Cook. I think he's good. But I don't think he's as good, vocally, as David Archuleta. I have to agree with Daniel, my brother, that there are so many "raspy rocker bands" out there these days that it's nice to hear another, not-so-common, Josh-Groban-type voice.

Ha! Listen to me! I sound like a 13-year-old groupie defending her stage crush. I have a crush on his voice. :)

Daniel, I was just saying the same thing about the voting to Dan last night. I like the way Dancing with the Stars only lets each phone number vote five times. That way you don't have to feel obligated to spend your whole night hitting redial. :) I didn't vote in either case anyway. I don't think Kristi and Mark needed my vote and I'm fairly certain David Archuleta won't need it.

Liz said...

Wow, Evelyn! I did not know that either! Very cool. I remember when I was a young teenager, my parents enrolled us in a BYU ballroom dance workshop. The only thing I can remember anymore is a couple steps in the Cha Cha. :) That is too bad that you couldn't keep up with it, then! You would have loved watching Kristi. She is amazing!

Jolene said...

We are guilty too. I am glad Kristy won. She was fun to watch.
And I think Archuleta should win. He is so constant, almost flawless, and his voice is so clean and clear. I don't really care who wins, but if you go off of last night he was clearly the best. And it really doesn't matter because they will both get a record deal. They are both winners.

Karin said...

I'm so glad that you are doing better. I am addicted to American Idol too. To be truthful David A. looks almost exactly like my first kiss in High School! I'm so dumb! The funny thing is, I'm still really good friends with him and we see him and his wife all the time. I guess Daved just makes me feel nastolgic (sp?).

Wirthfam said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE DWTS!!! So happy Kristi & Mark won! As for AI, am I the only one who thinks David Cook could be Piet's twin?!? Seriously, it's like watching my big bro up there every week!

Tiffany J said...

I really like both "the Davids" I would be happy to see either of them win. I love the way David Cook can change a song and make it totally original...and I don't usually like rock. Archeleta has done the same a couple times and those were my favorite performences. I do really love his voice. I just see Cook as more of an "idol." But I agree with Abby...they will both have record deals. I see Archeleta succeeding more in the pop/religious arena more though.

DWTS...sorry, not a big fan. After watching "So You Think You can Dance" I have a hard time watching "stars" try to dance. They just aren't that good (at least not the few times I have watched). I am really excited for SYTYCD to start this week!

Amy D. Hall said...

You are funny! I haven't ever really gotten into either of those shows but everyone loves them. I should give it a try.

Brooklet said...

wow, quite the discussion going on. I think David A will win becuase he outperformed David C last night. Though I think David C will have the more successful career- his voice and his style of music is more likely to be on the radio- David A- he has an amazing voice, but I don't see him making pop songs. I just can't see it. When he did "Hearts all over the World" or whatever the name of that pop song a couple weeks ago, I thought he seemed to silly.

I have heard that they monitor the way people vote for AI- I heard that David A has a wider fan based- more different people call to vote, while David C has a smaller fan base, who just vote repeatedly. Of course, I did hear that from a David A fan, so how accurate could that be?

These are my opinions, I am not 13, and I do know way too much about this kinda stuff.

And can I just say I am so, SO, EXCITED about SYTYCD! Its my favorite show. Starts tomorrow!

scott and megan said...

I can't watch TV!!! I'm sucked into Stephanie Myers... The Host!!! Tell me who wins!

Barbara & Morris said...

I have been crazzzzy for this season too.
I think , “Oh I wont get hooked again” and then I watch the 1st show of the new season and it is all over!!!!#@**
I love dancing with the stars...very wholesome... and clean.
EXCEPT last night… with Usher...(all other singers that come on there are so cool, they use the professional dancers from the show and it is fun to watch…not USHER.)
Am I just to old or was he a raunchy ego- maniac?
DId I just write that!!!!
Fondly, B.

Lisa said...

I am a big American Idol fan. I thought David Archuleta had it for sure. I voted as much as I could last night. I was shocked tonight when they announced David Cook. Archuleta is the one with the amazing voice.

Liz said...

Wendy - I can totally see the Piet in David Cook. Totally.

bird said...

evelyn, you were on the UVSC ballroom dancing team??? how could i not have known that???