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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Yes. You read that right. That is how far behind I am in our journal keeping / photo uploading. Bummer, huh? But, like I always say, "Better late than never." :0)

Easter was fun this year. We never do anything big. I like celebrating holidays, but I'm not one to go overboard with planning and decorations. My poor kids. :( We hid a few eggs around the house then watched as the kids slobbered and drooled their way through humongous chocolate treats. Then, of course, we headed to the bathtub. Yes, the bathtub. It makes egg dying so easy. Strip down the kids, plop them in the tub with the dyes, and let them go to town. They had a grand 'ol time coloring eggs with crayons then jamming them into the various dyes. Needless to say, we lost a few eggs to their somewhat aggressive approach to egg dying.


ChristopheRobyn said...

That is the best idea for how to dye easter eggs that I've ever heard of. We'll be down in San Diego in a couple of weeks and hope to be able to see you guys!

Brooklet said...

Yes, better late than never. You are a good mom, I never had dyed eggs with my kids becuase of the mess; maybe I should try this bathtub approach.