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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If I Never Try, I'll Never Know.

So, you may have noticed a picture of a funky-looking bike in my sidebar. Well, they are giving away two of these free. In July. On my very birthday (July 15th). I just found out about this bike and about this giveaway on my friend, Megan's, blog. Because I clicked on her cool picture (you owe me a click, Megan). :0) Just kidding. So, I cruised around the site and thought the concept was cool, but now I just want one to see if it would really work with two little busy toddlers, unbuckling seat belts and careening from side to side in that big tub, knocking me off balance as I wobble down the street.

Can't you just see me now, covered with road rash and gravel, scolding my wiggly boys?

If you can imagine it, don't click the picture.

If you have faith in the concept and construction, click away. :0)

P.S. If I win, you can be my first passenger, Megan.

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