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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Adam Lambert

So, way back when (May 8th), Adam Lambert came back to his old stomping grounds as an American Idol finalist. It just so happens that his stomping grounds (MCHS) are situated one street away from our house. I didn't care so much about going, but after it got started, the boys could hear all the fuss from our backyard and they really wanted to check it out. I grabbed my 18-200mm lens for some paparazzi practice and hauled the three boys (we had a friend's son with us) down the hill in our creaky cargo stroller.

It really wasn't spectacular. It was hot and crowded and Adam took his dear, sweet time arriving. Then, after taking forever to get there, he rode a lap around the track doing the "royalty wave," sang two songs, and took off. That was it. I feel badly for the people who were hoping for some big concert or something. And I was grateful that I wouldn't have to fight traffic to get home, just a beastly hill made all the more daunting by my three-kid baggage.

To sum it all up: Good exercise, depressingly hot, pathetic performance, fun photography practice.

That's it.


Brooklet said...

I didn't know that he was from you neck of the woods. How did you city take it when he lost?

Your pics are really cool, it doesn't look like he was that far from you.

Erika said...

I noticed your stroller, is it a sit and stand? We have the exact same one!

Adam Lambert, not that impressive. I wasn't a fan, though no one really impressed this year on Idol.

You ARE an amazing photogapher. Your candid shots look like portraiture!