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Friday, November 6, 2009

Conference Marathon

After skipping out on the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference to go to the Miramar Air Show, we knew we'd have some ground to make up on Sunday. So, because we enjoy the wonderful blessing of a DVR, we had a conference marathon on Sunday and somehow managed to make it through six hours (STRAIGHT!) of conference without significant incident. Okay, I use "somehow" very loosely. Here's exactly how we did it:

{puzzles, conference packets, snacks, and coloring supplies}


{scrap paper, stickers, scissors, blanket capes, general chaos}

But since this is the result of our uplifting Sabbath activities . . .

. . . I'd say it was absolutely worth it! :D


Daniel said...

I love that last picture! The little guys "studying" their scriptures. Cute!

K said...

YAY!! I found it. And here I is!! Shame on you, jumping out of GC! But I could do six hours Sunday easy. But then - I got no kids. HA!!! Our front room still looks about like yours did, even so.