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Friday, February 12, 2010

Random Friday Thoughts

* Do we venture out because it's sunny or hunker down to make cards because it's Valentine's Day on Sunday?

* Spinach shakes are so yummy.

* I don't think we have mice anymore.  Not even in our garage.  I left some snacks out there for a month (unintentionally), and they haven't been touched.  Hooray!

* Crossing my fingers that all goes well with our bed delivery tomorrow.  Would hate for a repeat of last week's attempt.  I mean, come on, who delivers furniture in an open-bed truck during a rain storm?!

* Posting on our blog again is fun.  I didn't realize I missed it.  But I don't miss how neglected my house becomes in just one day of blogging and photo editing.

* Costco has some great food buys.  Have you tried their Coach's Oats Multi-grain Pancake Mix yet?  So yummy.  Or their real 100% fruit, fruit snacks?  Again, so yummy.

* Bugs just asked for seconds on the shake.  Bliss = watching your kids really ENJOY something with power veggies in it.

* Buddha, however, is wholly distracted by attempting to plaster a fruit snack wrapper on his forehead.  Focus, buddy, focus!

* Over-ripe bananas should be peeled before going in the freezer.  I've learned this the hard way, and now my hands hurt.

* The Chief and I aren't really holiday celebrators.  What's wrong with us?  Maybe we just need ideas for traditions we could adopt.  Let's start with Valentine's Day.  Seems appropriate for some reason.  :D  What traditions do you have for Valentine's Day?

P.S. Bugs just asked for thirds.  Anyone want the recipe?  :D

UPDATE 9:59am: Bugs just shuffled over to me with a formidable, green shake mustache and declared himself to be suffering from brain freeze.   Buddha, after asking for more shake, proceeded to sip for all of two minutes before declaring himself full.  Lovely.  Still want that recipe?  :D


miriam said...

1. i want the recipe
2. i'm SO EXCITED that you're back to blogging. i have missed you!!!

La said...

i want the recipe too! i can only get my kids to drink smoothies with fruit.

Ben said...

I do want that recipe!