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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is no longer in Arizona.  Instead, its vast, magnificent girth occupies the space between The Chief and me on our new king-sized bed.  And we love it.  So the mattress and box springs arrived unscathed, but remember me mentioning our bad experience last week with this furniture company who tried to deliver our bed and frame in an open-bed pick-up truck in the middle of a rainstorm?  Well, turns out they tried to give us the same bed frame yesterday.  They just taped up the box (and I do mean yards and yards - and maybe miles - of tape), probably hoping all would be well inside.  But it wasn't.  Not by a longshot.  The frame was splintered beyond repair.  The Chief called the store, the store got the truck back to our house, and The Chief made sure that they understood we expect UNdamaged goods for our hard-earned money.  And when The Chief makes his expectations known, he does so with the full weight of his degree and work experience behind him (oh how I love having an attorney husband!).  :D  So, perhaps Thursday will be the day I'll have a picture for you of our long-anticipated (by us), fresh and sexy-sleek boudoir.  Perhaps.  At this point, I'm not crossing my fingers or holding my breath (due in no small part to the severly squished state of my lungs at the moment).

But that's all for now.  Time to go take advantage of our 80 degree weather and head out on a Sunday stroll at Balboa Park with my darling family.

Happy sleeping and Merry Valentine's Day!  ;)


Lisa said...

I am jealous of your new bed! We really need a new one too. Ours is too small and our mattress has a crater in the middle of it. I hope you have many nights of peaceful slumber.(if that is possible being pregnant) You need to post some pictures of your cute pregnant tummy.

Scott and Karin said...

80 degrees?!?! We might just head out that way sometime very soon! We need some 80 degree weather to enjoy, even if just for a few days!

Brooklet said...

Wow! it sounds like the lights are on at the furniture store, but nobodies home. I can't believe they tried to deliver it again! Hope you get the rest of your bed soon!