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Sunday, February 7, 2010


We took a little Sunday drive this evening and caught the sunset at Torrey Pines before meandering down the coast along the scenic route.  As we drove, Buddha and Bugga prattled on and on.  The topic: Inventions.  We discovered that Buddha has plans to invent a shrinkanator gun, an openator gun, a biganator gun, a healthyanator gun, and a Crocodile cloud.  The shrinkanator gun will make everything tiny - specifically our TV's so that robbers can't see them.  The openator gun will make the target able to open anything.  The biganator gun will make one big so as to scare off the robbers.  A healthyanator gun will enable one to become so healthy they can knock all the robbers to Florida.  And a Crocodile cloud will scare all the robbers away.  Do you see a recurring theme here?  How sad that one so small can feel so incensed about being robbed.  At least he's looking for solutions.  :D  Though we did manage to convince him not to send any robbers to Florida since we have family there (or Arizona, Utah, or Oregon, for that matter - sorry Unkey Dino, DC never earned immunity).  In the end, Buddha finally settled on Texas, a satisfactory resolution for The Chief who pronounced, "Yep, they'll know how to handle the robbers there."  Buddha also informed us that he would put a garbage can right where the robbers would land in Texas and would fill it with Brown Recluse spiders that are nice to good people and will only attack those unfortunate robbers.  As our drive took us over a bridge fording Mission Bay, Buddha promptly adjusted his brilliant invention repertoire to include a gun that will break a bridge only when robbers are crossing it and one that will fix it again after the poor robbers have fallen into the Bay and drowned.  At the times when we caught peak-a-boo views of the ocean, the talk of inventions would turn to guns to shoot Giant Octopuses.  Before Bugs nodded off, he managed to get a few words in edgewise in order to let us know his plans to make a tiny squid his pet and to create a Giant Octopus robot that will bash things.

The Chief and I just listened and laughed.  At one point The Chief tried to strike up a conversation with me, but Buddha wasn't having it.  So The Chief waited.  And when Buddha finally took a breath, The Chief couldn't remember what he'd wanted to say anymore.

I love these boys.  They are so imaginative.


provobaileys said...

Boy I would hate to be the robber that ever comes across that little man. He will think of a million ways to capture and torture me. Look out bad guys.

Amber and The Boys said...

That sounds SO similar to our Sunday night drives. None of us can get a word in edgewise when Nathan gets going!

Sara said...

haha! I love your boys! So many funny things...I just want to follow them around with a tape recorder all day...

Lindsey said...

Love Buddha's imagination! He is quite a kid.

Belly shots? Hello??? Am I the only one who wants to see your pregant tummy? INDULGE ME!!!!!!