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Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 2011 | Legoland Birthdays

We gave Soren and Anders a choice for their birthdays this year. They could either a) have birthday gifts, or b) go somewhere special for their birthdays. They both chose the latter. Soren chose Legoland, so on December 1st, we headed up to Legoland and spent the entire day there, thoroughly enjoying the fact that we had the park practically to ourselves.  Karsten (too little) and I (pregnant) kept each other good company while Dan and the boys went on all the crazy fun rides.  It was such a great day!

We couldn't believe Anders hopped right on this ride with Dan.  Judging by his reaction, he just really had NO idea what it would be like. :)

Love that face!

"I'll take one of those, please."

Soren's turn.  After Anders' went down, it was much more difficult to convince Soren to go.  Doesn't he just look SO happy? :)

Anders told me, "When we dropped down, my brain stayed up and my body went down, and I was like, uuugghhh."

Karsten really had a great time wandering free all over the park.

Anders jousting with a Lego knight.

Karsten DID NOT like Darth.

Anders did not like getting sprayed by the people in the boats floating by.

None of the rest of us wanted to get wet, so Soren went on this ride alone.

Obviously, he loved it.  :)

These next few are hilarious.  Karsten was totally browsing the little girls' swimsuit collection.

"How much for this one?"

Dan and the boys (and more random boys) waiting to shoot Soren as he floats by on round two.

Soren's totally into this.

"Retreat!  Retreat!"

Aww, man!  The little guy did NOT like getting sprayed.  His big brother got him good.

These cracked me up.

A little too expensive for me, though.  I'll air dry, thank you very much.

Dan mixed business with pleasure while Anders chauffeured him around the river.

Soren caused a traffic jam.

Then finally broke free and had a ball.

Karsten made friends with random park goers, trying to share his snacks with everyone.

I love that Soren got this picture.  He was trying to take one of Dan and me, but Karsten popped up at the last minute, yelling away happily at the top of his lungs.

Perfect display for our two birthday boys!

Ha ha ha!  This was right outside the ladies' restroom.

Tickling the sunbathing Santa.

Karsten LOVES Lego guys.  Here he is waving bye bye.

When we first visited Legoland two years ago, Soren had just turned five and Anders was just ONE WEEK shy of turning three.  But they wouldn't let him drive the cars.  To say he was devastated would be an understatement.  In the two years since, this ride is all he associates Legoland with and on Dec. 1st, at age five, he FINALLY got to drive these cars.  He loved it, but now he can't wait 'til he can drive the big track with Soren.

The spectators.  Watching Soren take his driving test.

Getting his license.  Yikes!

Both boys with their licenses.
Getting ready to take the fireman challenge with Daddy.

Almost there!

Yeah!  They won!  (Considering they were up against a bunch of moms with little ones, Dan felt this was an empty victory.)  :D

Spectators got to push buttons that made water explode over the riders.  Dan got soaked.  You know what else got soaked?  His feet.  Apparently the little hover craft don't hover so well.  Poor Dan.  He was a great sport, though, and went on this ride more than once to accommodate our eager birthday boys.

Not one other person on this ride.  Just my three boys.

This was the best shot I could get of Anders' face.  One word to describe how he felt about this ride?  Gleeful.  He adored this ride and they went on it more than once.

Despite his awesome expression here, Dan said the ride didn't make him sick at all.  Should we believe him?

Oh, and now he's tired?

All three of them in one car!  We had to bribe them to go on this roller coaster a second time.  But the next picture is TOTALLY worth the bribe.  Enjoy.

Yes!  Mommy was there!  :)

Taking the relaxing boat tour at the end of the day.

Getting a little Lego guy for each of the boys.

Bye bye, Legoland!  Thanks for a fabulous day!

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Carlie and Gabe said...

your boys are adorable and I absolutely love the look on their faces in some of those pictures! Legoland looks pretty dang fun!

Anonymous said...

Super pictures. We've got to bring the Frye boys and Caleb to Legoland. Mom