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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Playing Catch-Up | February 2011

**Note: this post contains homeschool highlights**

I used to blog all the time. Then "it" happened (the new baby wreaking havoc on my body) and I read 542 books in three months . . . all while in a prone position in my bed, with mold growing on the neglected dishes in the sink, and unchecked kids making epic messes all over the house (okay, I exaggerate - a little). In the meantime, though, stuff still happened: my kids did cute things, grew, experienced, and created; our home got some face lifts in various places; and our backyard had a major overhaul (that is still ongoing); then there were holidays, birthdays, and such. I want to be a dedicated blogger again, but for now, I'm going to create a few month-by-month recaps to catch me up to the present. Then I'll try to be better. TRY. I'm not making any promises, folks. :)

Oh, something else you might notice . . . I'm no longer editing or watermarking my photos. These are either straight out of the camera, people, for better or worse, or simply brightened in Lightroom, or edited a long time before this post. I just don't have the time anymore to Photoshop every photo I want to share. Someday I'll be able to revisit my beloved creative outlet - seriously, I adore Photoshop - but, for now, these will just have to suffice.

With that fair warning, here's life with the Bagels from WAY back in the day, all the way up to the present. :)

Oh, and many of you may have seen some of these pictures already as I have posted a few of them on Facebook more diligently than I have updated this great blog of mine.  Is Facebook killing the blogging star?

P.S. January recap here.

In FEBRUARY this year . . . .

- the boys made Lego creations -

- Poppy Seed explored his play garden, and got stuck -

- we painted and created in the backyard -

see photos here

- we cruised the grocery store -

see photos here

- we made Valentine's Day crayon hearts as per directions found here -

- the boys made good use of the whiteboard (including Daddy in a random disciplinary act that he made Cinnamon Raisin sign.  I think it had something to do with wasted toast.) -

- Poppy Seed ate his way through church meetings -

- the boys reenacted the popular nursery rhyme "rub a dub dub three [boys] in a tub" -


- the Bagel boys got their creativity on with pattern blocks, Legos, clay, and paints -

- we drew more on the various white boards around the house (like my attempt at a beaver?) -


- Asiago and Cinnamon Raisin learned about Mercury and made flour and water models of the poor pockmarked planet -

- Poppy Seed explored his home -

see photos here

- Poppy Seed contracted RSV -

see photos here

- we found Poppy Seed standing up in his crib for the first time -

- the boys watched a movie . . . in strange (and painful looking) positions -

- and, it snowed in San Diego -

see photos here

Videos of the Month

That's all for February, folks.  Tomorrow, March.  Hooray for catching up!  :)

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