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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Playing Catch-Up | September 2011


*Note: this post contains homeschool highlights scattered throughout*

Next up is SEPTEMBER.

This month we . . .

Made cantaloupe fruit bowls from a book. Soren had been doggedly hounding me to do this for months, so I finally buckled down and made it happen for him. He was delighted.

We played with Legos at the school table.

We met up with a bunch of friends at Scott and Megan's house to watch a BYU football game, chat, eat, and play.

Read books with Pip.

Baked cookies.

We took not-back-to-school pictures for this new homeschool year.

We watched a movie while eating the yummy cookies we made.

We played dress up at Ryan's house while the adults watched yet another BYU football game.  :)

We broke Ryan's bed jumping like maniacs.  Sorry, Scott and Megan!

We studied Earth in Astronomy and made a model of it (and the moon) out of air-dry clay.

Pip was read to by everyone in the family.  He LOVES to read books.

We studied and imitated the famous sculptor, Auguste Rodin, who is especially noted for his statue, "The Thinker."

We entertained Pip using only windows and our mouths (remember these, folks?).

We practiced a play about Christopher Colombus and how he came to be the discoverer of the New World.

Anders asked me to take a picture of him while he was cross-eyed so he could see what he looked like.

Soren wrote important messages for us on the whiteboard.

Soren made a nice birthday card and gift for his Primary teacher.

Soren and Anders played peek-a-boo with Pip.

Pip ate crayons.

And we went to the beach to see the red tide.  This was one of the only pictures I could get considering "low-light" would have been a generous description of the light available at the beach at night.  :D  But I love this picture because this couple was taking a picture of the heart they had just carved in the sand with their initials inside.  It was sweet.

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Daniel said...

Mmm, fruit bowls. Yummy! Love the anti-school t-shirts. :)