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Friday, December 23, 2011

Playing Catch-Up | July 2011

I'm skipping some months. My blog. My rules. Here's what we did in JULY this year: Grandma and Grandpa Bagel came and helped us build a fort on our hillside where our HUGE coral tree used to be (until we unapologetically chopped it down - bird poop in your garden, anyone?). Grandma and Grandpa are insanely patient with their son and daughter-in-law who are *slightly* particular and massively perfectionistic.  They were also wonderfully inclusive of the boys.  Soren and Anders had a blast and I realized I need to capitalize on their love of manual labor.  :)

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Brooklet said...

Oh, that fort looks so very very cool! How fun for the boys.

Daniel said...

Do-it-all grandparents. Awesome!