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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Try this

Photo credit: Healthy Happy Life
Instead of putting mayo on your sandwich or dressing in your salad wrap, smear hummus all over your carb-of-the-meal.  Hummus is easy to make, provides lots of protein (not to mention amazing FLAVOR), and can be tailored to any meal (Indian food?  No problem, just add cumin or curry powder.  Mexican food?  No problemo, just add avocado and cilantro.  Craving something spicy?  Whip up some jalapeƱo hummus.  Garden fresh?  Roasted red pepper, people!)  I'm telling you, this stuff is miracle food.  Yeah!  Here's a great basic hummus recipe to get your wheels cranking: Extra Easy Hummus.  (Bonus: it doesn't use tahini or sesame oil.)

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SheShe said...

You're a savior! I have been trying to find a hummus recipe without tahini... Thank you, Thank you!!

Marcia said...

Are you avoiding discussing the gas component of Hummus:)?

Liz said...

Mom! You poor thing. I don't suffer from gas-by-hummus, so I guess that's why I didn't include it in my blip here. :) Now I know where Daniel gets his . . . um . . . bodily issues. :P

Anonymous said...

This recipe is not real hummus. The real thing doesn't contain cumin but does include tahini and lemon. However, I'll try it. It still looks good, but Latin not Middle Eastern. Mom