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Monday, July 23, 2012

Big Shoes and New Heights

Karsten is trying to fill some pretty big shoes and climb to new heights lately.

I love how this kid rolls.

He is pure JOY.

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lindsey. said...

Oh, he is getting so big! K also seems to be a handsome mix of both S and A. He's got his own Bagel blend going on there and it is CUTE.

Great pics, as always. But, if I could be so annoyingly bold, I would like to request that Dan capture more photos of you and your boys. Moms never seem to be in the pictures as much and I love to see you! (Oh my goodness. Commence eye-rolling by all Bagels. I am so annoying, always pestering you for photos!!!! Please know it comes from a place of love. And, apparently, persistence.)

Scott and Karin said...

It's been a WHILE since I checked you out! #4! Yay! Shows how slow I am! I love that you have 4 boys! You're an awesome mom! Congratulations!