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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Karsten is weaned.  And hallelujah for it!  Right around his second birthday back at the end of June, I put my foot down and said "enough!" You know, it would have been fine.  I could have handled tandem nursing . . . and even loved it.  But Karsten took to tormenting me with his nursing methods.  Since his nursing was more of a comfort thing than a need for nutrition, he would nurse only a few seconds (literally), just enough to bring my milk down, then declare himself "ah done" and ask for "ah side?" (other side).  I was dealing with issues of milk regulation and trying not to drown my newborn with the excess resulting from having two nursers, so I just quit Karsten cold turkey and tried to make up for the void in other ways.  I got him a little baby bottle and filled it with milk and anytime he would ask for milk, I would steer him to the fridge and pull out his "big boy milk" and cradle him while he sipped at it.  It seemed to pacify him nicely, but it didn't last long because he didn't like the cow's milk.  Now anytime I nurse Oskar, Karsten will climb up next to me, say "hug a Mommy? hode you?", and cuddle with my arm while he sucks his thumb.  I love it.  It's so sweet.  I give him lots of hugs and kisses and we read books together all the time.  He also likes to stare at my breasts while Oskar nurses.  He's very intent about it, too.  Sometimes he'll point to the vacant breast and say "Ahkur milk?  Ahkur turn, ah side?"  And I'll confirm that it is indeed baby Oskar's milk and his turn to nurse on the other side.  :D Other times Karsten will squeeze the breast Oskar is nursing on and get this proud little look on his face for his contribution to Oskar's nourishment.  I give him high praise, indeed, for his help.  This kid is such a hoot!

While he hasn't forgotten completely about nursing, I think we're on the right track. Now all I have to come to terms with are my own feelings of longing and nostalgia over nursing Karsten.  I really miss it.  He's my little buddy.

Boy, I sure love my toddler.  He's a riot and a cuddle bug all wrapped into one perfect little Bagel package.  Life would be dull without him.

I smudged out my cleavage in Photoshop so my mom wouldn't have a hernia about me sharing such a "revealing" picture.  Now I just look weird.  Oh well.  :D  One little note about this picture, most of my tandem nursing experience wasn't like this where they were both actually nursing at the same time.  This only happened maybe three times.  Otherwise, I was just switching off with them both all day long.  It was exhausting and while I miss nursing Karsten, I don't miss nursing two kids all day long.

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Lisa/Scott said...

When I weaned Seth I would give him the bottle, then hold him in my lap in nursing position so that he still felt like he was being nourished/loved by me. Seemed to work. Congratulations Karsten on being a big boy!!!