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Sunday, July 15, 2012

One-Month-Old Oskar

There are a lot of O's in that title.  Hmm.

So I'm stealing an idea from my friend, Amber.  She has been taking monthly pictures of her baby in the same place every month in order to make a compilation at the end of a year and see how he's grown.  I think it's a brilliant idea and am going to do the same (if I can remember to take the dang pictures each month, anyway).  :D

Here are Oskar's one-month pictures:

Now, why does the sweet Spiderman outfit keep popping up, you ask?  Well, remember these pictures from our birth video?

Because of his in-utero umbilical-spinning and his subsequent entanglement, we decided to dub Oskar our Spiderman.

That's it.  :)

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Amber and The Boys said...

Yay for cool friends who give you great ideas. :) Ha ha!

emilia. said...

i love his spiderman outfit!

i'm so happy for your family!

lindsey. said...

Look at that face! That kid is a bagel, through and through.