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Friday, September 12, 2008

Flashback Friday

I have a friend, Tamber, who does Flashback Fridays with old school pictures. I love the idea and I'm going to steal it from her. I hope you don't mind, Tamber. It's just that old pictures are some of my favorite things to look at. They evoke strong emotions in me and they make me laugh as I think of days gone by (not to mention the hair-do's and clothes that have long since gone by). My only connection with my past lies in photographs as I obviously cannot rely on my own memory to do the job.

This is my dad, Deputy Sheriff, being worshiped by a coworker. :) Just kidding. My dad is a goofball and I love him for it. No doubt these two were setting up the perfect scene for all the world to know my father in all his public safety glory. Actually, as an interesting side note, my father was Deputy Sheriff in the Ogden area at the time of the infamous Hi-Fi Murders ('tis a brutal story, not for the faint of heart).


Laurie said...

Random. My father-in-laws' best friend was killed in the hi-fi murders, very sad story. He (my father-in-law) doesn't really talk about it, so most of the info we have is from wikipedia too.

Liz said...

Woah, that's crazy. It was so gruesome!