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Monday, September 1, 2008

The Chub Gallery

Here are some of the pictures of Chub that I took while I was in Oregon. He is an easy baby to photograph because he's so, so, so darling!

Want to see more Chub? Click here.


Erin said...

liz, those are beautiful pictures (i looked at the other ones, too).

we want to hire you to take some family pictures of us in the next little while (maybe when joseph grows some of his hair back and i lose a few pounds :-)).

provobaileys said...

he is an adorable baby. Looks like his dad.

Sara said...

WOW. Bless you! These pictures are so great!

Freckles said...

He is so little and cute! How fun, they look great Liz!

Travis & Ashley said...

Wow, what unbelievable pictures! You have an amazing gift and we would love to have you come take pictures of Graham. Are you going to be up in the OC anytime soon? Let us know and we would love to schedule a photo session! :)