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Friday, September 12, 2008

Ring Around the Phonesies

I was calling all around to try to get my dad's office number at BYU. I tried INFO, but they didn't have a phone number for him. So I tried my mom, but she didn't answer her cell phone. So I tried my parent's home phone, but nobody answered. So I tried my brother's cell phone, but he didn't answer.

Finally, my mom called me back and gave me my dad's office number. However, while I was talking to my mom, she got another call and had to go. It was my brother. So, when I hung up with her, I tried to call my dad. He wasn't in his office, but while I was leaving a message, my phone started beeping at me. It was my brother. So, I called him back and while I was talking to him, my phone started beeping at me again. It was my mom calling me back. So I finished talking to my brother and called my mom back to tell her the twisted telephone tale. How's that for a super-complicated cell phone circle?


Lindsey said...

WHAT??!!!???!! I am so confused.

Mom and Dad said...

Ha ha, very funny.