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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Boys and Bristol

After filling their pockets with dirt while I photographed Story and Mark, the boys got to ride this cute, little guy, Bristol. I think they loved meandering around the property, perched atop the pint-sized horse. Eventually, Anders decided he didn't actually want to be on the horse. I think he was getting pinched in between the saddle horn and Soren. After a while he came up with the perfect solution - hitch a ride in Mark's arms. Soren quietly soaked in the experience, reveling in his lone-rider status once Anders defected to the ground.

Does it look like they're crooked? Yeah, that's because they are. They kept sliding to the side and I swear at this point I was ready to drop the-camera-that's-worth-more-than-I-am to dive beneath their line of descent. Luckily, right at this moment, Louise glanced over her shoulder and did a reverse shuffle, arriving at their side just in time to shove them back into the middle of the beast and safety. Whew, that would have been a disaster! My camera would have been destroyed and . . . . Just kidding, I love my kids more than my camera. Cross my heart and hope to die; stick a needle in my eye.

Mushrooms anyone? I love those little toadstool heads.

(click to enlarge)

Put me down! Put me down!

Pick me up! Pick me up!

Hey! What's the hold up?!

Oh yes, he did.


Daniel said...

Horses have to poop too. :) As usual Lizzie, I love your pics!

K said...

What a GREAT pony. That was what my pony was supposed to be like. And I think he'll end up being tha sweet. But he's the biggest horse I have now. How unfair. I want that pony. I love that pony. I think I love your friends Mark and Louise. You don't get a pony like that unless you love your herd.