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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hilltop with Daddy

So, Hilltop Park is one of our favorite places to play on a weekend. The views out to the ocean are gorgeous and there is grass aplenty, sand for digging, swings for swinging, and jungle gyms for climbing. It's a kid's dream park. This time, we got to go with Daddy and, of course, I couldn't resist pulling out the camera to shoot a few rounds.

This kid is growing up so fast.

How does this thing work?

He ALWAYS does this in sand. He scoops and flings, scoops and flings.
You can imagine what his scalp looks like after this ritual. :0)

Burying the toesies.

Chatting with Dad.

1 comment:

K said...

Very nice shots. Loved the shoes on the fence. Loved the sand. Loved the color. Daddy looks like he's a handful, all by himself. What a lovely day. Move up here; then we'll see what you can do with this muck we're slogging through!