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Thursday, March 12, 2009

For You, Kristen

These are some extra horse shots that I feel are worthy of their own recognition. These horses are gorgeous! The Brown had just arrived at the property and was really frisky as he explored his new surroundings and stretched his legs. Isn't he majestic? (I realize that I do not even know if he is a he, but I'm calling him a he to save us all from the annoyance of him/hers and he/shes).

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K said...

Okay, Liz - I don't know if you know this, but shooting horses is really, really hard. They have a tendency to distort in the lens. You either learned how to do this, or, as I suspect, just you have perfect instincts. They are lovely, lovely shots. The bay at the top looks like a youngish gelding to me. Could be a mare, I suppose. You call him a bay because of his black points - mane, tail, tips of ears, dark socks. A milk chocolate horse. Delightful. I envy you that day. Their farm is gorgeous. Wish I had the money, the place - I'd make the time.