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Thursday, March 12, 2009

They Talked and Talked and Talked . . . .

Isn't this just the most darling little girl you've ever seen? Some friends of ours were moving out of the ward and I volunteered to watch their little girl while they packed and shuffled. She walked right into a prized position in Soren's heart. These two chatted and chatted about bricks falling on your feet with spiders on them . . . and crocodiles . . . and poisonous snakes. Then, without blinking an eye, they were suddenly discussing flying houses that floated with the help of balloons. And the imagination-fest went on and on and on. It was hilarious. And, of course, I couldn't help but snap a few pictures of this sweet mug. Dan has mentioned before that he wouldn't mind if Soren grew up to marry C. I agree wholeheartedly, though I'd like to spend just a little more time denying thoughts of Soren's future wife and marriage. Where's my baby?!

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K said...

I sometimes remembered to listen to the conversation of children. We are so busy, up in our adult strata, that we don't hear unless we dip down, hide and listen. It's amazing stuff. And sometimes so serious. She is lovely.