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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Latest Kid Funnies

Soren: "I call Heavenly Father, God, because God has powers."

Soren: "You know what, Mom? Some people eat cactus. You know how I know that? Bobby Flay. Bobby Flay (Food Network) showed that."

Anders in bed crying: "Mommy, I'm scared! There's a monster dreaming about me."

Anders wielding a sword made out of stacked Crayola pens: "No! I'm not your friend! I'm a killing friend!"

Anders: "You won't be scared, Mom. I will KILL the monster . . . with my elbows!"
Soren: "I will get a real gun and shoot the monster."
(When did reality kick in? Only two years separates them and the oldest has already lost his ability to kill monsters with his elbows.)

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Lisa said...

Hey Liz, We missed you the other night when we got together. I hope things are going good. When is your next trip to Utath? It would be great to see you. I didn't realize your birthday is July 15th. Our new baby boy will have his on the 17th. I hope you get your free bike!