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Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Heat = Summer Do

I have loved my boys' hair long. But I haven't loved seeing them red-cheeked and sweaty this summer. So, with the onset of true summer heat, they are now sporting a new (yet old) do. I love this cut for different reasons than I love their long hair. Before, they looked like adorable, carefree, little surfer boys. Now, I can see their cherubic little faces again. And buzzes make my kids seem cleaner. Which might very well be true in Bugga's case since he absolutely HATES washing his hair. Now I just have to remember to lather their naked heads in sunscreen henceforth.

I love that Buddha's tongue sticks out when he concentrates.

(Click here to see what Buddha was working so hard on.
I helped him label his masterpiece.)

And here are some bonus shots of the boys "being" Horton:


Freckles said...

Too cute! Oh, Happy Birthday Tomorrow! It's Kai's B-day too!! : )

Liz said...

Thanks, Evelyn!

Lindsey said...

Too cute. The boys are so angelic-looking when they are sleeping!

I love Soren's drawing - particularly the shark and crocodile with bandaids to cover their wounds. What an interesting detail for him to include.

I hope to see a birthday post tomorrow!!!! Dan? Perhaps a loving tribute to your better half?

Marcia said...

Ha! Soren is like his Granny. When I am playing a difficult passage on the organ I have to make sure I keep my mouth still. I compress and work my lips. It doesn't look so good in front of a congregation.

Brooklet said...

Sometimes I wish I could just shave my head in the summer time, too. But I am pretty sure it wouldn't look as cute as it does on your kids. lucky boys!