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Friday, January 25, 2008


Well, they've left. It's almost like they were never even here, it happened so fast. I'm sad. I miss them already. My parents are awesome. They were a breath of tropical air in our cooler-than-average hometown. I wish they could have stayed longer, but I also understand the need to become centered and grounded again. Their home calls to them. I'm jealous of my various aunts and uncles and my sister, all of whom get to see my parents in the next week or so before they fly out of Portland to home.

My dad is much more chatty than I remember him being. It's hilarious and I love it! He is interested in everything and everyone. He's extremely helpful and he's great with the kids. They loved their Grandpa Sombrero. When my parents left, the boys didn't want to let go of Grandpa Sombrero.

In fact, Bugga didn't want to come back to my arms. He just clung to Grandpa and hunkered down, head on his shoulder, arms wrapped around his neck. I think I must be a boring mom. I'm so busy cleaning house and running errands, that I rarely get down and play with my children. That must be why Buddha bawls every time someone leaves our home. They are more exciting than me. They bring variety into his life. I need to be better at embracing my inner child (and my outer ones, for that matter). :)

My mom is beautiful. She has aged, but I probably have, too, after two years. That's just what happens in this life with time. I hope I age as well as she does, though. She has the most beautiful skin and her grey hair is more silver than grey. The difference between us now is that she is so wise and I am far from it. I'm glad that she is willing to share her knowledge with me and I especially love it when we discuss the scriptures together and the purpose of life. Talking with her always makes me want to be better. She is also a workhorse! She cleaned the kitchen every day and tidied up after the boys (yes, I'm a sloth). My parents even let me sleep in each morning while they got up with the boys and fed them and played with them. I love sleeping in...especially since I have a nasty habit of going to bed way too late. The boys loved their Granny, too. Bugga actually tried to give her kisses without any prompting when we were at the zoo the other day. It was so cute. Granny was holding him and they were bobbing around together when he suddenly got this serious look on his face, puckered up, and leaned in to plant a smooch on Granny. I even caught it on camera!

My mom spent a lot of time trying to keep Bugga from eating paper (something I gave up on long ago...in fact, right now he's munching on the front page of a coloring book).

It was fun to watch her getting to know her grandbabies. I think it's something she and I have both been wanting since Bugga was born. It's hard for me to believe that five days ago she met him for the first time. Oh, I'm so happy to have them back! When they left, Buddha was blowing kisses to Granny as they drove away. The only way I could keep him from breaking down was to promise him that we would go visit them in Utah (and that we'd stop in to see his buddy, Jonathan, too...I think that helped). :)

I wish I could gather my family around me - live with my loved ones close to me. Unkey Dino comes home in March some time. Maybe I could find him a linguist position here. Josey is still unattached, as far as I know. And my parents could sell their home and move here when my dad retires. And Auntie and Ratchet, well, they could work from anywhere really...so why aren't you guys here!?! Just kidding. I know why already. It costs too much. Do you know how sick I am of hearing people tell me it costs too much to live in California?! We manage somehow. We aren't wealthy by any means (not by a long shot!), but we also don't live in a humongous home with tons of square footage and lots of land. We have what we need, and we love it. I'll take fewer worldly possessions in order to live in this paradise any time. Oh well, if everyone felt that way, California would fall into the ocean under the weight of all its citizens. I'd better just save what money I can for visiting my family. Maybe that will be what my photography is for...money for trips. That is, of course, if I ever make any money doing photography. :)

Well, I'd better go stop the paper-snacking fest before my boys (yes, Buddha is eating it now, too) become the first ever case of paper poisoning in the world.

Go hug your parents and grandparents. They are special, so special. It's terrifying to think how lopsided, irrational, volatile, and just plain messed up our world would be without the balancing influence of our aged and wizened counterparts. I love you, Mom and Dad.

*And of course, as my luck would have it, the sun has finally returned to San Diego...late.


Brooklet said...

First off, did you know that sloths can swim.

Second, I really enjoyed this post- it was very well written, very reflective. Glad that you got to spend some time with your parents and that your kids love their grandparents so much. I am sure you photog business will be paying for many trips!

Laurie Sorensen said...

It is really great that your parents are finally home! I can't wait until my parents and brothers get to meet little Austin. We do get to talk to them a lot because they have a Vonage phone, which is soooooooooo nice. I am not sure if we will ever make it to Uruguay. The amount of money plus the super long flight kind of make me think maybe not. But I figure I can lend them out for a few years, I get them forever. :)

bird said...

dude! i too am sick of people informing me that it is expensive to live in california. i know. and we're doing it just fine. we just don't have a lot of extra things (but who needs the extra things?).

Tharker said...

Liz, I hope you don't mind me sneaking in a comment on your blog.

I loved these pictures of your parents. It is absolutely adorable that your boys bonded so well with your dad. I have to tell you that my husband really enjoys watching the "scripture power" shows (as I call them) on BYU TV, especially when your dad is on them. Your dad is so smart, and I'll admit it too, that we both love to listen to his commentary and thoughts on the scriptures.


Liz said...

You're hilarious, Tiffany. I don't mind if you comment here. In fact, I love comments, so comment away!

It's funny how many people recognize my dad or my dad's name from those scripture discussions. I think he enjoys doing them as much as people enjoy watching them.

I think it's good that we all grow up. I don't think I ever really appreciated the depth/wealth of scripture knowledge my dad has when I was young. I love it now. I know just who to call when I have questions about the scriptures. He is an awesome resource backed by a powerful testimony.

Come back soon!