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Monday, January 28, 2008

Two Peas in a Pod

Last night we let Buddha sleep in Bugga's crib with him. I expected to be up all night tending to sleep-wrestling wounds. I did not hear a peep out of them. Not one peep. They didn't wake up once. I did, however. I woke up often to check on them and make sure one wasn't smothering the other. Turns out, kids are smart sleepers. Bugga must have loved having Buddha in the crib with him, because normally he wakes up crying at least a couple of times each night. Solid sleep is a beautiful thing. So is brotherly love. Hmmm...have I opened a can of worms? Is there anything in "the books" against kids sharing a bed? Does the all-knowing and ever-invasive "They" have anything to lend on the topic? Because you know, what "They" say, goes.

P.S. Sorry about the fuzzy picture. Apparently, you can't take good pictures in the dark of night. Ha ha. Who knew?! :) j/k!


Brooklet said...

That is cute!

Scott & Karin said...

I used to share a bed with my sister! It's totally fine, especially if they'll sleep better!
PS-Annicka still isn't potty trained either. I've had a few of those weeks trying and I'm to the point that I say, she'll let me know when she's ready...if not, she'll be in a diaper forever!