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Monday, January 21, 2008

Welcome Home! Almost.

"How beautiful are the feet...."

More pictures of Granny & Grandpa Sombrero with our boys will be coming soon on the photo blog.


Laurie Sorensen said...

Welcome back, President and Sister Ogden!

Barbara & Morris said...

I am so impressed.
You take beautiful pictures. Following your dream is wonderful.
You guys should take a trip to Mesa and see the photographs Mark Mabry is doing for the church. http://mabrystudios.typepad.com/reflections_of_christ/
This website will give you a glimpse into the makeing of the pictures...it is wonderful..Morris and I just went today to see the exhibit at the visitors center..very special.
you would really like it through your eyes as a photographer:)

Brooklet said...

Great pics Liz- I like your attention to the little details.

Welcome back, President and Sister Ogden!

Mike & Lauren said...

Happy Day! Congrats to all of you. The pictures are very expressive.