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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So Much Fun

We are having a blast with Granny and Grandpa Sombrero! Buddha and Bugga love their grandparents and I still can't believe that two years is finally over. It's so great to have my parents back. We've been busy packing as much of San Diego into our four days together as possible. On Sunday, after a whirlwind of church meetings, we went on a walk at a nearby park and took in a sunset. I, of course, toted my camera around, stalking my two newest subjects, their grandsons, and my husband. It's so funny to listen to my mom shivering and chattering her way around San Diego. They've been in the tropics for two years, so I can't blame them for thinking San Diego is cold, but I'll be interested to hear how they fare once they get to Utah. I think they'll probably hibernate in their heated home until spring.

It's also fun to listen to my parents exclaim over little things that we take for granted. They hadn't felt forced air for the last two years, so they stood in front of our heater vents and giggled over the "breeze." Every time we take to the open road, they ooh and ahh over the smoothness and safety of the roads. I met my parents at the airport, camera in hand, and my mom couldn't believe I was standing there, all alone, holding that expensive camera out in the open for anyone to see. She said in Guatemala, I would have been targeted for theft as soon as I whipped out my obsession. My mom marveled today that she's been able to wear her ring for three days straight. I guess in Guatemala, she didn't dare wear it when she went out for fear of losing it to thieves. I don't want to reveal all of her observations as many who read this blog also receive her emails. She has lots to share, I'm sure.

As I said before, we've been packing as much as possible into our few short days we have with Granny and Grandpa Sombrero. Yesterday, due to rain, we searched for an indoor diversion. With that in mind, we headed over to Balboa Park and bought our way into a fascinating experience at the Fleet Science Center. We had such a great time experimenting with all sorts of gadgets and gizmos that messed with our senses. The Chief was able to take work off for the day so that he could enjoy my parents' company as well. The little guys had a blast wandering all over the science center and they especially enjoyed winding up the day at Kid City.

Today, we were surprised (but not really) when the weather forecast for more rain turned out to be wrong. We woke up to a sunny day with beautiful, puffy clouds scattered about. We seized the opportunity and headed to the San Diego Zoo to spend the day with the animals. Boy did we get a work out. I hauled the camera around, jogging to get in front of and behind my favorite subjects - crouching and stretching to get the perfect angles - and thoroughly enjoying the aerobics. And my parents got the ultimate workout keeping an eye on the boys while I was keeping an eye and a lens on the boys. Buddha walked almost the entire four hours we were inside the zoo. Bugga walked lots, but he was hard to manage as he tended to walk in whatever direction suited him best...which usually ended up being the opposite direction the rest of us were walking in. We had some great animal encounters, especially with the Gorillas and the Polar Bears. We took the SkyFari up and over the zoo, thoroughly enjoying the view from above and a view of the gorgeous downtown San Diego skyline. And, we managed to squeeze in a bus tour at the very end of our zoo experience. Buddha enjoyed that and yakked up a storm as we drove, but I ended up having to nurse Bugga so that he would stop trying to climb over the side of the railing (we were at the top deck of the double-decker bus). He has quite the stubborn streak.

So, we came back this evening and my wonderful, amazing mother made us a delicious dinner of twice-baked potatoes which we all thoroughly appreciated. Tomorrow is the last day we have with Granny and Grandpa Sombrero. On Thursday morning they start their long trek up the length of California with various stops throughout and a final destination of Amity, Oregon where my sister and her family await. I'll be sad to see them go. I just want to keep them here forever, but I don't think they'll stay long in Utah either. The Chief's prediction is that they'll be called as Temple presidents next. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Spain. Then I'll be sure to visit them...often...for long periods.

Hmmm...what should we do tomorrow? If my mom weren't so dang cold all the time, I'd suggest a beach trip so I could get some photography experience there. Maybe they'll agree to Mission Bay. :)

I have tons of cute pictures to share from all our activities. You can check out some of the first pictures with Granny and Grandpa Sombrero at Lizzie Jane Photography. I will try to post more on a regular basis. Off to bed. Ta ta.


Lisa said...

Remind me again where your folks were serving in Guatemala. My little sister is in the Guatemala City MTC right now and is headed out to the Quatzeltenango (spelling?)mission soon. She has talked about how they have gotten a new MTC president, and with your parents coming home, I just had to ask.

I'm glad you all are havng so much fun together. Soren and Anders must be in heaven having their grandparents around 24/7

ScottnLisa said...

So much fun! I know what your grandma feels about being protective of your property down south. When I was in Bolivia I had to wedge my bag under my armpit and hold it next to my belly when we would walk around in the city or in public. I love south America...I keep bugging my husband to go back.

Robert & Jacqui said...

Liz, what great pictures! I've really enjoyed looking at your photo blog. You've definitley got a knack for photography! And I'm so happy to hear your parents made it "home" safely and you are enjoying your time with them. Let us know when you're coming back to Utah to visit them! I'd love to see you and let the boys play. Miss you!

Lisa said...

It must be so much fun having your parents back. It sounds like you are doing a lot together. The science musuem at Balboa is the greatest. The 3-D shows are really fun if you don't have a motion sickness problem. I agree that we really do take so much for granted. My Grandma had her wedding ring stolen while she was serving in Guatemala. Hopefully your parents can stay around awhile before their next mission.

Brooklet said...

I can just see you darting up and down taking pics at the zoo! I am glad your passion is staying strong.

How fun to have your parents stop by to visit your new home! I bet Soren and Anders are loving it!