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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

San Diego International Auto Show

On Saturday we took the boys to the San Diego International Auto Show at the convention center. We had such a good time. The boys were like miners discovering gold. They practically ran from car to car, thrilled that they were actually allowed to climb in them and "drive" them. Buddha manned the wheel while Bugga pushed every button he could find. Sometimes we would have to cut short their glee when someone else was waiting to "test" the innards of the beast (this was a more prevalent circumstance when playing in the Mercedes, BMWs, and Porsches). All in all, it was a day worth remembering and recommending. I think we'll definitely repeat the experience any time an auto show comes to town.
The Chief would like to drive one of these - a Dodge Challenger.

Buddha and Bugga cruising in the convertible.

Bugga trying to figure out the blinkers and lights.

Green looks good on you, Big Guy!

The wheel on this beast is bigger than Bugga!

This is my new soccer mom vehicle. What do you guys think?

What a stud.

Bugga is sweeping the car for illegal substances.

"Open up, I say. Open up!"

Interesting use of the chairs, guys.

Hey, he may have to stand up to drive, but at least he's checking his blind spot!

"Excuse me, officer, is there a problem?"

Enchanted Bugga

"Oh yeah, baby, check out my sweet ride. Wanna cruise?"
Buddha is the man in this Corvette.

Fighting over the wheel. And I thought I was a terrible backseat driver!

Buick had the right idea. Bring in a spitting fountain.

What a handsome chap.

Bugga - a new breed of man's best friend.

The Chief grinning while showing me the two OS bars for the passenger.

A really cool presenter picked up Bugga and let him "ride" the display with him. (The car was spinning on a rotating platform.)

He's just so little compared to all these big cars!

This Volvo was completely covered in legos. Very cool.

Okay, this is my real dream car. A Honda Odyssey with all the bells and whistles.

Buddha and Daddy or in other words, the Fast and the Furious.

Buddha has to be Superman in order to reach the handles from the seat.

We should take this on the road. We look like bikers, don't we? I just need black hair, black fingernails, black clothes, tight jeans, and a BACA jacket. Buddha just needs...well, Buddha would need a lot to pull that off. This picture puts me in mind of a joke I once heard. A biker driving along the freeway had a jacket that said: "If you can read this, my girlfriend fell off." Ha ha ha!

"You again, officer? Seriously, what's the problem?"

Buddha loves the Mini Cooper. He has two toy Mini Cooper cars. He was stoked when he saw a life-sized version at the car show and even more excited that he got to get in it. Can you see the possessiveness?


The Wirthlin Family... said...

LOVE the new background & LOVE all the cute pix at the car show! We miss you guys!

Brooklet said...

You look so short in that picture with the truck! You look like you could stand up underneath it- and Soren is more than half your heigth now, too.

bird said...

i laughed way too hard at the biker joke.

Mom and Dad said...

Elizabeth, you are a good sub-title writer. Very funny. Thanks for sharing.

Lindsey said...

These are great pictures, Liz! Looks like a really fun day. The boat show is this weekend if you are looking for another fun outing.

ScottnLisa said...

When Crystal is too wound up, I've often taken her outside to sit in the front seat of the car with her and let her pretend to drive and push all the buttons...they can spend forever doing that. Of course anyone who sees us just sitting in the car in the driveway probably think we're weird, but oh well.

Lisa said...

It looks like you had an awesome time. Parker will be so jealous when I show him the pictures. I loved the one of Anders at the wheel trying the blinker. What a fun idea. I should take my boys(Kev & Parker) to a car show sometime.

Robert & Jacqui said...

Jonathan absolutely loved these pictures! All he talked about was Soren the rest of the day. It looks like you had a great time. I was thinking about taking Jonathan to the Monster Truck Rally and Motocross thing this weekend. We'll see ...