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Friday, August 14, 2009

Safety, Security, Peace of Mind

If you have linked to our blog, please make sure your link to us does not include our last name. In fact, I would LOVE it if you'd change the link name to our pseudonyms (The Chief and The Boss) or our blog title (The Bagel Factory). Please?

I would also really, really appreciate it if you'd only refer to us by our pseudonyms in any comments you may make. I understand that can get confusing, but you'll catch on and there is a "pseudonym key" to help you out. :0)

Why all the fuss? Well, I like being "public" (we're not listed in Google searches so we don't get that kind of random traffic) to facilitate ease-of-use for Bagel Factory readers (and to be able to have more readers, for goodness sake), BUT I would also like to maintain some semblance of anonymity. I've been interviewed and quoted by a couple of news stations regarding the marriage debate, the most recent interview having occurred on Monday of this week in response to Equality CA's announcement that they would defer their challenge to Prop 8 until 2012. I skipped over to Google and searched my name and discovered that while my name pops up on various news sites from their interview write-ups, it also appears in conjunction with my husband's name on a lot of your blog lists. He supports me and believes as I do about the need for our government to defend and preserve natural marriage rather than undermine it through redefinition, but this is not his battle. Not right now. I chose it. I own it. And, of course, there are the kids. I'm always worrying over the safety of my kids - in relation to Prop 8 and otherwise. Do I sound a bit paranoid and suspicious? Probably. But if you had experienced and discovered and learned what I have since Prop 8 last year, you would undoubtedly feel just a tad bit worried, too. Here's to standing up for what you believe in . . . and keeping your family safe while you're at it! :P

Thanks for understanding, my friends.

If things go south in any way, I may just have to begrudgingly make my blog private again.


La said...

changed it on my blog. ;)

vanessa joie said...

I stopped linking my friend's personal blogs for a similar reason. A few had expressed the concern that while they didn't want/need to make their blogs private they didn't want them "advertised" on other blogs. I keep track of them in google reader and the private ones well, I just have to remember their blog name.

Protecting your family is worth looking like you're paranoid. (which I don't think you are)

ps - when you leave comments your name is still there

Freckles said...

I'll change it soon, promise!

Lizzie said...

Thanks guys!

Vanessa, because of my photography, I can't possibly remain anonymous. So my first name still appears around these parts. I'm just trying to do my best to buffer the rest of my family from "the world." :0)

Tiffany J said...

So..catching up on your blog takes some time! :0) I did change your link on my blog..finally.

Lizzie said...

Thanks for doing that, Teej!