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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

County Fair

The night before we left for our family reunion in Colorado Springs, we finally managed to use our unlimited fair passes for the first (and last) time. We left when The Chief got home from work and we resigned ourselves to a late night with the boys, hoping that the food and rides would distract them from their fatigue. It worked, for the most part. They had a great time riding all the kiddie rides and we had a great time watching them. We ate yummy fair food and I had my first funnel cake ever (delicious!!). Seeing as how our unlimited passes cost us as much as a single day pass normally costs, we feel that it was definitely worth it! Buddha melted down at the end of the night when we only had three tickets left - enough for one ride - and he wanted to ride on two rides. In the end, we chose the motorcycles for him and he cried his way through the ride, insisting that he wanted the other one, the semi trucks. Oh dear, you just can't win when they're that exhausted.

Bad Mommy!

Buddha getting whip lash.

Yes, Bugga is one of only two kids on this entire ride. We're such bad parents keeping our kids out so late!

Buddha bawling his way through his Harley experience.

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Jacqui said...

That is too cute. I'm sure it didn't feel cute while listening to the crying, but kids are just great! And you guys are fantastic parents!!!