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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Primary Field Day

Yesterday we had a Primary field day at a park near our home. It was a blast with tons of games, races, water balloon tosses (aka fights), and even an obstacle course to challenge the kids! But, I have to say that the definite highlights of the morning were the tug-of-wars. First, the Junior Primary took on Brother H. all by themselves and then Sister P. stopped the firemen (who were exercising at the park) and asked them if they would be willing to take on our entire Primary. I got the latter on video and I love it. These kids are scrappers, I tell ya! Anyway, after games we handed out popsicles and water bottles. I thought the whole morning was a huge success and it's nice to have our third Primary activity of the year under our belts.

Army-crawling through the obstacle course.

Junior Primary taking on Brother H. in the tug-of-war.

...and then...

Firemen v. Primary

Rushing the firemen to console them after their resounding defeat in the tug-of-war.

A thrilled spectator.

Who likes popsicles?!

Popsicle #2. You should have seen the under side of these kids' arms. They were striped with red, orange, purple or green from the multiple popsicles we allowed them to indulge themselves with. :)

After half a popsicle that mostly just melted down his arm, Buddha opted for a more healthy (and less sticky) treat.


Marilee said...

What a fun activity idea! I loved the video with the firemen - Megan did too. She's had me replay it about 5 times now!

Mom and Dad said...

kudos to the firemen - I wonder if they could have won?

Jacqui said...

We loved the fireman video ... What a fun activity! You MUST be a great President! :)