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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Toy

After finding Bugga teetering on Buddha's bike more than once, we finally decided to get him his own tricycle. He loves it! He doesn't quite get the concept of turning the handle bars so that the bike turns, but we're confident he'll understand soon. In the meantime, he enjoys either scooting or pushing his new trike around the backyard.

Bugga loves our mint plant. He always walks over to it, plucks off a leaf and stuffs it against his nose, breathing deeply. The child is mine. The mint doesn't mind since it's in the process of taking over the entire garden and, therefore, doesn't notice the loss. :)

Our tomatoes are growing!

Random picture of our backyard. I love this wall. It's so quaint.

Bugga is in the habit of harvesting our lemons before they are ready to be harvested. He thinks they make great play things.

I love this picture because it is so my boys. Buddha is holding Bugga off without even turning around and Bugga has this look of pure innocence on his face that says, "What? I'm not planning anything mischievous!" :)


ScottnLisa said...

What a nice garden! I love it! Your boys are so cute

Mom and Dad said...

thanks for sharing the pictures - Anders is changing, getting less babyish, more boyish -