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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What are Hot Topics in Your House?

This morning I heard Buddha singing softly to the tune of The Itsy, Bitsy Spider, only I didn't recognize the words. So I tuned in to hear his rendition and this is what I was privy to:

"The itsy, bitsy Eczemo went up the water spout .... Out came the sun and dried up all the eczema ...."



La said...

we have the eczema curse in our house too. i have found only one cream that does the trick. gentle naturals eczema cream. love it. luckily for us though, the so. cal air is much kinder to us than the az air.

Kari said...

How funny. After I talked to you about our eczema problems with KC we had a water softener installed and he hasn't had a single problem with it since then!

ScottnLisa said...

I have horrible eczema. Sometimes right after I shower. You'd think in our day and age they'd have a real cure, but nope. Just treatments. I'm afraid to use the creams cause some of them have steroids in them and my hormones already have enough problems without being meddled with. So I just use the hard core skin lotions that are scent free and it helps.

Katy Truman said...

Kids are so funny sometimes!

Melissa said...

Future dermatologist on your hands? Maybe you should have him record it and he could make millions on commercials.