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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bugga's First Spaghetti Dinner

Bugga had his first spaghetti dinner on Friday night. It went really well. :) At least, it turned out much like we suspected it would. :) As you can see, Buddha is a great cheer section, but if you'll notice, his food remains untouched throughout. Ahhh, life with a picky eater. It's so weird to me that our two sons can have such polar opposite food inclinations. Enjoy the mess!


Mom said...

Ha Ha. Pretty funny pictures. Loved them.

daniell miner said...

your boys are the cutest! i cant believe we have 2 kids...feels like just yesterday we were goofing off in utah with the boys we are now married to! hope all is well with you guys! im soo jealous u guys are DONE with law school! how did u survive?