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Friday, October 26, 2007

Camp Pendleton/Horno Fire

I took these pictures when we were on our way home after our evacuation order was lifted. The 5 freeway goes right by Camp Pendleton where they were battling the Horno Fire. What's crazy to me is that these pictures were taken at 4:00 in the afternoon! It was so dark from all the smoke. It's still smoky here. I cleaned off a couple of our outdoor climbing toys and brought them inside so that the boys wouldn't go stir crazy from having to be indoors. It's been a huge help! They entertain themselves on those all day long. I'm starting to think I should have done it sooner. :) j/k! We're very grateful for all the thoughts and prayers on our behalf. We were lucky, though, as we actually had a house to come back to. Having gone through the ordeal, I don't even like to listen to or watch the news anymore. I'm pretty tired of hearing the word fire and I don't like to watch people rummage through their burned down houses. It's too emotionally draining. I heard a weather man today say that we all needed Jenny Craig after sitting in front of the TV and eating pretty much all day long for the last few days. That's exactly how I feel. I think I have gained a few pounds after this week. The Chief and I were glued to the TV and radio until they said we could come home. Now I can't stand to watch. My heart goes out to those people, just a couple miles north of me, whose homes burned down. And none of those victims had time to get any personal belongings. It was either get out with their lives, or burn with their home. I just unpacked our car today, even though we've been home for a day and a half. It was time to get things back to normal. As I started to unpack, I realized that it would be a great time to compile an emergency list of items to grab in case of evacuation. So, as I put things away, I added them to my list. Now, if this ever happens again, I'll have a quick reference guide that will ensure I don't forget anything valuable. Wow, listen to me ramble! This was just going to be a quick note with pictures. I'm such a yakker!

It's like driving in fog!

Looking toward the ocean from Camp Pendleton.
Remember, it's 4:00 pm!

That's my flash, not the sun. :)

A nice little gift was waiting on our
front doorstep when we got home. :)


Mom said...

The amazing pictures are the ones with the soot on your doorsteps. Wow. It's also weird to be looking at the fire pictures while slides of your wedding day keep coming and going. Rosy on the right, sooty on the left. Ironic.

Where are the pictures of the Provo reception?

Lisa said...

Hey Liz, We just got our internet hooked up today. It is so good to hear you guys are okay. We have been disconnected with the world these past couple of weeks. Kev told me there were fires in San Diego. I wondered if you guys were okay. I can't imagine how it would feel to grab your belongings and leave you house wondering if it would be there when you got back. I am glad that you were able to stay with family. Did the ashes come out of everything? I am glad that you posted so much. It was like watching the news happen. Keep me updated.

Melissa said...

Hey Liz- It's Melissa your old MSmith neighbor and Danielle's friend. I found your blog from Paula's I think been here before- anyhoo I'm glad to know that you are safe. The fires are crazy and it is interesting to see your pictures and to hear your stories. What a sad sad thing. I'm glad your house didn't burn down and that you are back. I hope you can breath outside again soon. Shelley is in So Cal too and she says it is pretty smokey as well. Hope the fires clear up soon!

ScottnLisa said...

Well I'm just glad your safe. It's great that you have a game plan for emergencies now. That's totally something everyone should do..the Church is always telling us to be prepared. I need to work on that.

Brooklet said...

I have been glued to the tv also watching for any news about the fire. You are the only ones I know who are out there and I have been trying to imagine what it would be like not know if you house and all your belongings were still there or not! Stressful!!!!!

But I am glad your home and belongings are safe and I hope that you never have to go through something like that again. (of course you do live in CA- natural disaster capital of the world- its going to fall into the ocean!!)