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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


We're home! They lifted our evacuation order somewhere around 1:30 or 2:00pm, and we headed home after finishing our lunch in Huntington Beach. We had no problems getting home although we did pass right by the Camp Pendleton fire (aka Horno Fire). That was pretty insane. It was like driving into night and back out into day as we went through. The smoke was so thick and black and the flames were pretty close to the freeway. Our house smells fine since we made sure all the windows were closed before we left. The boys fell asleep in the car on the way down, so we left them asleep in the garage and we quickly vacuumed and mopped up the ash and soot we had tracked around in our hasty exit. It's weird now because being home makes me feel like this whole ordeal is over. And maybe it is for me, but those fires are still raging north and east and south of us. People are being evacuated all over North County and fires are still threatening. I asked The Chief if we could leave all our stuff in our car because I'm just so wary of believing that it's truly over for us. What's sad is that a couple of these fires - the Poomacha fire and the Orange County Santiago Canyon fire were caused by arsonists. Stupid, stupid waste. Those people should be severely punished! Oh well, I'm tired and I'd better go to bed soon. Thanks for all your prayers. We're very grateful and very blessed to have a home to come back to. And thank you Sooz and Melissa for letting us stay with you guys for a few days!


Barbara & Morris said...

So thankful you are back home and safe. Glad you closed up the windows..that would have been nasty to come home to that smell.
Travis says the worst is the smoke on the throat.
Glad you were able to return and that you could let us know what you went through by way of this blog.
Fondly, Barbara

Daniel said...

Do you still want some bottles of water? :)

Glad you made it back safe Lizzie! And I'm glad you still have your home.

Love you!

Bells said...

Oh Liz, we are so glad to hear that everything is alright with your family. You have certainly been in our prayers. By the way, I love your haircut. We miss you and check your blog often.

L Bell

Kari said...

So glad your home!! I hope it really is over for you and that they get a good handle on things soon.

Robert & Jacqui said...

Glad to hear you guys are safe and have a home to return to. We've been watching the fires on the news and it's just scary. So many people are losing their homes; one poor lady they reported on didn't have fire insurance! Stay safe! We miss and love you!

Angie said...

So glad you made it home and your family is safe!

ScottnLisa said...

Yay!! Home sweet home...Glad it was still there, and glad it didn't stink either. Also glad you didn't loose anything. I'm just glad for you. (:

Anonymous said...

glad you guys are safe!


Travis & Ashley said...

We are so glad that you made it home, safe and sound and that you still have a home to go home to! We were so worried about you! Hopefully, things will settle down soon for you! Let us know if you need anything.

Adam Hammond said...

Wow guys,
My mom called yesterday and told us you had been evacuated and I couldn't believe it. It always seems that the trouble in life hits other people, never ourselves or our families and then all of a sudden things like this happen. I'm really glad you are all safe and I hope it stays that way.

We love you!
-Adam and Laurel and Rosemary Hammond