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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Last Friday night we took the boys to the Summer Nights celebration at Sea World. It started at 6pm and we lasted until the fireworks at about 10pm. We spent the entire time in the new Sesame Street Bay of Play. Turns out everything is still pretty much the same. We got a picture with Cookie Monster first (that's obviously new), then went in search of old stomping grounds. We were relieved to find that they still had the toddler foam block pit since Buddha loves it. Bugga also loves it now. He tore around there like he owned the place and even tried to escape through the single entrance a few times. The Chief had his work cut out for him. The huge boat is still there, it's just been given a Sesame Street face lift. And, they wisely removed the long-range water guns from the helm...probably at the request of all the unsuspecting, innocent by-standers trying unsuccessfully to stay dry. After the toddler pit, the rest of our night was spent standing in the ridiculously long lines for the three new rides at the Bay of Play: Elmo's Flying Fish, Oscar's Rocking Eel, and Abby Cadabby's Spinning Sea Stars. The boys loved the first two and we're not sure they'll ever get on the last one again. It's like the tea cups at Disneyland and The Chief decided to spin it as hard as he could in the beginning. Both boys looked ill. I laughed and laughed until my brain caught up with my head. Then I felt the way the boys looked. If you ask Buddha how he liked the Abby Cadabby ride, he says, "It made my head go like this (as he flings his head violently from side to side)."

Wicked sunshine, I know, but we had to make due.

Buddha wouldn't take his hood off all night. Blah!

Much to our relief, we managed to get one of only two orange flying fish at Buddha's request.

Local flora

When we were waiting in line for the last ride, we were behind an African American family that was very jolly and loud. They were having a good time playing "I spy" while they waited for their turn on the ride. There were a couple of young teenage boys (maybe even tweens) that were especially funny. One of them took his turn and said, "I spy with my little eye something...black." And the other saucy little guy quickly retorted, "Is it...YOU?" Their whole family busted up and half the line around them was struggling not to reveal themselves as eves-droppers. I couldn't help but laugh out loud. It was just what our tired, line-weary bodies needed.

Taking a breather while waiting in line.

What else? Oh, whoever invented the automatic toilet should be shot...many times. I think it is the most stupid thing ever. I needed to use the restroom at Sea World and before I could even get my protective paper on the seat, my toilet had flushed two times. Then it flushed again with my paper on it and I had to start all over again. I made sure I didn't move while I tinkled because heaven knows I don't want the Sea World toilet bowl water all over my rear end. Anyway, probably too much information, but seriously, is there anyone out there who actually likes automatic toilets? What's the point? It can't possibly be to stop the spread of germs since it has a nasty habit of spewing out yucky toilet water before you're out of range. Oh well, enough about that.

Buddha was begging us to be able to go home before the fireworks, but I was determined to stay and watch since we'd never seen them before. The Chief commented, "How pathetic is it that our toddler is begging us to go home and we're refusing. Isn't it usually the other way around?" The Chief had to cover Buddha's ears throughout the fireworks show and when they were over, I asked Buddha if he enjoyed them. He said simply, "No." Well, so much for that. I liked them.

So tired!

A nice lady offered to take a family picture for us. She said she remembered the days when she wasn't in any pictures. :) I can relate.

On Saturday we were lucky to be invited to bar-b-que and swim with some good friends. We had a great time. Check out this picture of Buddha eating his popsicle. When I first taught him what to do, I told him to lick like mad. Well, apparently he took it to heart because now when we tell him to take bites or suck the juice out so it doesn't drip on him, he ignores us. The top broke off a couple seconds after The Chief snapped the picture. Good timing, Papa!

On Saturday night our good friends, Greg and Lindsey, hosted a dinner party at their house for The Chief's practice group (Legal Malpractice). There was no "shop talk" allowed and we had a great time chatting and laughing with The Chief's colleagues and their spouses. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life. Especially when the talk turned to the old firm website. I really do hope that Scott digs that up so we can all take turns trying to win the "lips" jackpot. And the food...Wow! Talk about gourmet. I loved it. Greg and Lindsey, you guys are amazing! We can't wait until next year. Thanks for an excellent Saturday night. Oh, and here's a little shout-out to all our blog stalkers. You know who you are (Lori & Co.). See the little comments link at the bottom of this post? Feel free to make yourselves known! Here are a few pictures from the night that I stole off of Lindsey's blog (I hope you don't mind, my friend).

I love this picture she got of her wine glasses!

Natalie and Me

Liz, The Chief and the awesome hostess, Lindsey!

Yesterday for Family Home Evening we took the boys to Hilltop Park and let Buddha ride his bike around. I brought my camera to take pictures of him on his bike with his cool sunglasses. As luck would have it, we also happened upon this awesome "tube" (for lack of a better word) that made for a great photo op. The boys had a great time rolling Daddy around and being rolled around. I wanted to take the thing home to our backyard. I could just see hours of free time in my future until The Chief reminded me that we didn't have room in our car for it. Bummer.

These boys adore their daddy!

Buddha loved breaking hard so he could make skid marks all over the park. Here he is checking out his handy work.



Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness - where do I begin? I love your long posts. It is like settling in on my comfy couch with a blanket and an hour of good television before me. So much anticipation! But I digress. Love the family photo at Sea World and the photo Dan took of you in the tube. You have such a beautiful, happy face! I am so happy you all had a fun weekend. We were thrilled to be a part of it! See you tomorrow night at the soccer game!

Jacqui said...

Wow ... You've been busy! The boys are getting so big. It looks like you had a great, relaxing weekend. I could use one of those! :) Miss you!

scott and megan said...

haha! LOVE the popsicle!! Your kids are so darn cute!

Anonymous said...

Dad said...
I laughed the hardest through the automatic toilet expose. You're absolutely right about their brusque, even risque behavior. It appears, however, that I haven't had quite the challenge with them that you did. Fun write-up!

Sara said...

My favorite picture is the one of Dan and the two boys all in the tube. How awesome is that! And I love that you stayed at Sea World long enough to see the fireworks. You guys are great- always willing to be adventurous. Oh hey, today Ari did something so cute. He pointed at the pictures you sent us of Ari and Jarem, and he yelled "Dada!" really loudly. I couldn't believe it. He's never noticed pictures before. Thanks for that. You are an amazing photographer.

ScottnLisa said...

The pictures are great! I don't think I should let Crystal see or she'll demand that we go and see Cookie Monster like your boys did. Even though the automatic toilets can sometimes be annoying I actually really appreciate them because one of my pet peeves is walking into an unflushed stall. You'd think the public toilets in Bolivia would have cured me from that, but there are some sick people out there, and if it takes an automatic toilet to shelter me from the knowledge of their private deeds than so be it. lol. I think the pictures with the tube are adorable. I would have wanted to take that thing home too!

Marilee said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! It was so nice to see pictures of you - we don't get to see nearly enough of those on the blog. I am still loving the glasses! And did Dan get a haircut recently or is he just styling it differently? Either way, you look great, Dan!

Mom and Dad said...

cool tube - should have hung on to it out the window of your car to get it home -
yeah for the lady who took a family picture that included you - we want more pictures with you in them -

Lisa said...

Wow! You guys have been up to a lot lately! I am glad that you are all feeling better. The story about the family playing "I spy" made me laugh. The pictures of you playing in the tube with the boys are cute. It is great to see you smiling and back to your old self!

Tiffany J said...
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Tiffany J said...

"Your Mom!" I seem to remember a time you laughed pretty hard...did the practice group dinner beat that?! :)

Liz said...

Oh ha ha, Teej! Thanks for bringing back that memory. No, I don't think I laughed that hard the other night. I don't think anything will ever come that close. That was definitely one for the books. If I laughed that hard now days (meaning after birthing two children), I'd be changing my pants every few minutes. :)

Lori said...

I've been outed!! I'm glad that I'm out of the closet now as a blogger stalker so I can finally leave posts! It was great seeing you guys -- we'll have to do it again soon.