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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Would You Be a Good Babysitter?

I've put together a quiz for you guys to see how well you understand toddler talk (specifically, Bugga Talk). Submit your answers in the comment section if you want to participate. A small reward will be sent to the person gets the most answers right. In the event of a tie, I will keep the reward for myself. :) Correct answers will be posted in a few days. Good luck! (Chief, as immediate family, you are prohibited to participate.)

1. Cahtoooons

2. Dee en

3. I luh yooooo

4. Uh dair

5. At whaaaay

6. Hode eee

7. O ee at

8. Gabeh guck

9. Mayteee

10. Moeee


Lindsey said...

1. Cartoons
2. The end
3. I love you
4. Up there
5. That way
6. Hold me
7. ?
8. Some version of "can I have my cup?" ????
9. ?
10. More

Do I make the short list of potential Bagel babysitters????

Kari said...

1. Cartoons
2. The end
3. I luv you
4.over there
5.That way
6.Hold me
7.Wheres he at?
8.garbage truck
10. More

I think KC speaks the same language, although it could be some close interpretation

scott and megan said...

1. cartoons
2. the end
3. I love you
4. over there
5. That way
6. hold me
7. hurry up
8.garbage truck
9. maybe
10. more

Do I win???

LeAnn said...

1. Cahtoooons : Cartoons

2. Dee en: The end

3. I luh yooooo: I love you

4. Uh dair: Up there

5. At whaaaay: that way

6. Hode eee: Hold Me

7. O ee at: Where is he at?

8. Gabeh guck: Garbage truck

9. Mayteee: Mater

10. Moeee: More

I thought I would throw Mater in there just in case all these other guys are wrong.

Daniel said...

1. Cartoons
2. Uncle Daniel is cool
3. I love you
4. Over there
5. That way
6. Who's there?
7. Borat
8. Gobble dee gook
9. Martyr
10. More

Lindsey said...

I vote for Daniel's answers. :)

Marilee said...

Okay, I scrolled down as fast as I could so I couldn't see the other guesses! Here are mine:
1. Cartoons
2. Soren
3. I love you
4. Up there
5. Right away
6. Hold me
7. Give me that
8. Yuck!
9. My turn

Freckles said...

Hmmm, here's my guess:
the end
I love you
up there
that way
garbage truck
are we there yet