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Monday, February 9, 2009

Bugga and His Funny, Little Mind

I've stopped nursing Bugga.  It wasn't a big ordeal or anything, we just sort of coasted to a stop rather than slamming on the breaks.  He would still ask for milk for a while, but last week was the last of it. You see, one night last week, he was asking for milk, and I was, as usual, assuring him that there really wasn't anything left in there.  So he said, "let's check."  And I said, "Okay, but I'm warning you, you're not going to like it.  There's nothing in there."  He chortled and grunted, pleased and expectant, as he settled into position on my lap.

In popped the breast.




No movement.


And I kid you not everything became slow motion.  It was hilarious.  Bugga opened his mouth, drew his head back, and proceeded to turn his head up to me very slowly.  Then an impish, roguish grin spread like butter across the width of his face: "Dair's nusin' in dair."

I told you so.


Ten Things I Love About Bugga

1. He calls his tricycle "bicle" (pronounced bi-kul).
2. He loves to rub and kiss my big, flabby arms.
3. He charges everywhere with one arm tucked up by his side and the other waving wildly, his muscular little legs pumping so fast to keep up with his lowered head.
4. He says "sorry" like it's going out of style: "Sorry Mommy.  Sorry.  Sorry Mommy.  Sorry Buddha. Sorry."  If he does something wrong, he'll start apologizing before we've even had a chance to give him a little talking to. :0)
5. He loves to beg for toilet time...after he's already soiled his diaper. "You have to get to the toilet before you go potty in your diaper, Bugga."  "Yeah, I go potty on a toilet!" 
6. He adores his daddy and greets him at the garage door every evening, approaching him with hands outstretched saying, "I hold you, Daddy.  I hold you."
7. He idolizes his big brother, following Buddha everywhere, alternating between terrorizing him and consoling him after terrorizing him.
8. He is so sociable.  He loves nursery, play dates, random kids at the zoo.  You point out a kid and he'll be following him/her in no time flat.  Gotta keep my eyes glued on this social butterfly!
9. He makes the funniest faces...on purpose.  He's a comedian sent to our family for comic relief.
10. He is so sweet and tender.  He loves to pray and has a tendency to thank Heavenly Father for everything in sight as he peeks out of squinted eyes to survey his surroundings.  He happily tells his family he loves them on a regular basis.  He loves to cuddle.  And he offers smooches in a never-ending supply of kiss bliss.


Scott and Megan said...

I LOVE Anders' prayers! Such a sweet post.

Jacqui said...

I love this post Liz! It made me think of some of the things I love about my children ... Something I needed today. Thanks!