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Monday, February 9, 2009

Sweetest Husband, Precocious Child

I have the sweetest husband.  I've been sick since late last week.  Really sick.  And yesterday, after Dan had already broken the Sabbath to make a medicine run, I realized that we had no more diapers for Anders.  This morning, Dan went to the store before work and I had the pleasant surprise of waking up to more cough medicine and a package of diapers placed in conspicuous locations.

So sweet.  I love you, Dan.

Also yesterday, I read my brother, Daniel's, latest travel log of adventures in DC.  He included one video of seagulls "walking on water" and issued a challenge to his nephews to write him an email as to how the birds could walk on water.  So, I brought Soren to the computer, let him watch the video, and told him to type his answer.  The only thing I helped him with was the structure of the comment - hard returns, commas, period.  That's it.  The answer, the spelling, and the typing are all his.  I love it.  Here's what he wrote:

unkl danyl,

the wotr iz frozin.



emi said...

i love it!

Kari said...

way to go Soren! What a smart boy you have there ! :)

Daniel said...

Yeah Soren! That's the correct answer. 100 points for you buddy! Or maybe a new car to play with would be better than 100 points. :)

Marcia said...

I love that innocent little boy. He's so sweet.

Sara said...

Wow, what other kid do you know that can type and make sense that young?! Soren is amazing Elizabeth- get that kid into a genius program where he can explore and enjoy learning and friends.

Lindsey said...

Very sweet of Dan, I agree. It really are the little things that get us!

Don and Amy Bennion said...

Soren is so amazing! It sounds like he just has a natural appetite for letters! William is pretty good, too, but Burke just couldn't care less. William was way further ahead than where Burke is at this age. It's funny to see what holds different child's interests.