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Monday, February 9, 2009

An Unexpected Morning at the Park

A couple Thursdays ago (Jan 29th), I had the opportunity lined up to photograph a man and his old horse. But, as is sometimes the case with our imperfect human natures, the man forgot about our engagement. I discovered his forgetfulness, on my way out the door having gotten the boys all ready to go, early in the morning. So, promptly and easily forgiving the man his mistake (one that I am all too familiar with, and sympathetic to, myself), I headed to the park with the boys so they would still have an opportunity to expend some energy. Naturally, I took the opportunity to experiment with my camera. These pictures are all taken in manual mode. For you people not that familiar with photography, manual mode means I was choosing both my aperture and my shutter speed manually based on the amount of light available at any given moment. I was using my 50mm which made the process much easier than with a zoom lens where you also have to take focal length into account. Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I thought the results were fairly acceptable. What do you think? (And, yes, that is my boys making sand angels...we are in San Diego, for goodness sake!). :0)

P.S. "Mormon Batallion" and "Man and His Horse" pictures coming soon! :0)


Amber and The Boys said...

My boys like to make sand angels too! I know that is Hilltop park and you were there on a Thursday you said...You should come to playgroup. :) Oh, and don't worry about the picture email thing. I got it figured out pretty well.

Marcia said...

Amazing pictures. Loved em. Sand and sun, and it's snowing in Utah right now, and hailing. hmmmm

Freckles said...

These look great, welcome to the land of Manual!! I actually prefer manual since I know exactly what I'm getting and don't have to fight with the camera's exposure modes. I hope you are feeling better! We are coming to San Diego next week, maybe we can get together!

Scott and Megan said...

LOVE the swing pic!!!