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Monday, February 16, 2009

Mormon Battalion Commemoration - Saturday, Jan. 31, 2009.

A couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to head down to Old Town and enjoy the Mormon Battalion Commemoration celebration. Whew, that's a mouthful. It was a warm, sunny day and while Dan had to work in the morning, the boys and I headed out on this educational excursion. As we approached the festivities, we were transported back in time by the sights, sounds, and smells of the 1840's. Everywhere you looked there were ladies dressed in smocks and bonnets. Dutch oven prairie meals were slow cooking over hot coals. And horses whinnied and snorted from holding corrals not too far from the commons. Kids weaving in and out of the milling throngs kicked up dirt clouds that drifted lazily in the warm, thick air. Knowing we had a whole morning at the Commemoration before Daddy could join us from work, we took our time. Soren and Anders lounged on the ground in the main thoroughfare, then sauntered over to inspect a gigantic cactus. Anders doffed his shoes and refused to put them on again. I snapped picture after picture, thrilled with the authentic displays and subjects available.

Here is a little blurb I found on the Internet that does a fair job of summing up the history of the Mormon Battalion:
The Mormon Battalion Trek in 1846 consisted of over 500 men (and some of their families) who marched over 2,000 miles to help the U.S. government secure the state of California from being taken over by Mexico. It was a known fact that many of the men felt it wasn't their duty to help the government, as Mormons had not been protected by the government when they were persecuted and exiled from their own homes. At the Mormon Battalion Visitor Center, you will be able to learn about their hardships and experiences walking from Iowa to California--the longest military march in history. There are interactive exhibits, living history reenactors, and several films that take you back in time to walk a mile in their shoes and learn more about Mormon history.
And here is a link to an article with a more in-depth history of the Mormon Battalion.


Daniel said...

Lizzie, I love your blog! You and your boys would absolutely LOVE Colonial Williamsburg. You can rent 1700s outfits and wear them around the whole day as you visit different houses and do the interactive stuff with people who actually live in that little town. They would love this whole area. You should come in April or May when it's gorgeous here.

Barbara said...

Hey take Daniel up on that idea to go to Williamsburg.. you would love it. THese last pictures at the MOrmon Battalion reminded me so much of our THanksgiving at Williamsburg with the kids "back in the day". It was so much fun.
Looks like you had a great day with the boys.

provobaileys said...

How fun. I never new that there was such a celebration. Looks like a lot of fun.

provobaileys said...

How fun. I never new that there was such a celebration. Looks like a lot of fun.

Jacqui said...

It looks like the boys had a great time there! And I love all the pictures Liz. You are so talented!