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Monday, February 16, 2009

Mormon Battalion - Cannon

The boys spent the better part of our excursion clambering all over this ancient cannon. And I had a great time capturing their boyish energy and excitement on film. They sat perched atop that cannon watching everything going on around them with rapture. There was a stage with square dancing being taught to willing volunteers. There were tents all around the perimeter of the great square, with pioneer activities being instructed and learned in each. This was pure eye candy for a people-watcher like Soren, and little charger Anders got his kicks by climbing onto the cannon every which way he could devise, then pretending to shoot people with his deadly, pointed fingers.

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K said...

Liz - would you like to meet the woman who is behind the musical presentation of this commemoration? My good friend Toni Thomas is a powerhouse behind this wonderful thing. She'd love to read this, by the way -