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Monday, February 9, 2009

I Get Bleed

We got a bunk bed for the boys last week.  On the top bunk, standing up, the boys can easily reach their aged, popcorn ceiling.  We've laid down the law firmly: absolutely no touching the ceiling; asbestos kills; you could get very sick!

A few minutes ago I hear this from Soren in the back bedroom, "Anders is touching the ceiling! Anders is touching the ceiling!"  So I cruise back there, note the snowy white mattress and Anders in the act of scraping the ceiling with the back end of a toy hummer, sweep the culprit off his feet and into his naughty spot/crib, all the while sputtering a war cry that can only come from a mother concerned.  I shooed Soren out of the room and closed the door with Anders wailing indignantly "I not touch the ceiling!  I not touch the ceiling!"

A few minutes later I reentered his room to insistent repetitions of, "Sorry Mommy.  Sorry Mommy.  Sorry Mommy.  Come get me.  Get me Mommy.  Get me.  Sorry Mommy."  I put my hands on my hips, squared my shoulders, and stared him down, "Anders, do we touch the ceiling?" My demand met with a raised chin and a cheerful, "I not touch a ceiling, Mommy."  "Do you know you could get very sick," I asked him?  "Yeah, I get died and bleed.  I not touch a ceiling, Mommy."  As I reach down to rescue him from crib purgatory, I echo what we always request after the naughty spot, "You need to say sorry and give me a hug and a kiss, Anders."  He did much better, the little heart-melting bugger.  He burrowed into my shoulder, wrapped his little hands around my arms, rested his head on my shoulder and said perfectly, "I love you, Mommy."


Kari said...

Yuck! I hate those popcorn ceilings. We had them in our old place and when we had bunk beds there my boys did the same thing, it was a mess. It never occurred to me though that anyone could get sick from it, I just didn't like the mess. Glad I don't have those yucky ceilings now.

Sara said...

Hey Elizabeth, I know it's terrible-looking, but put up a blanket- stretch a big one across the ceiling! No more fights about touching the ceiling, and no more dangerous stuff to inhale.

Jacqui said...

Ok, as mad as you must have been, about the mess and the asbestos, I had to laugh and smile. How is it that our kids can win us back over so easily? However they do it, it's definitely a good thing. I love it!