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Monday, November 12, 2007

In Honor of Buddha

I'm "tagging" Buddha so you can find out all about him for his birthday. I'm asking him all of these questions right now and recording them as he responds. Enjoy!

1. What is your favorite color? Yellow-orange
2. What is your favorite food? Brown oatmeal and bagels with cream cheese
3. What are your favorite clothes? Green and black shirt, shorts, fuzzy shirts
4. What is your favorite thing to wear on your feet? Big flip flops
5. What is your favorite real car? GMC's
6. What is your favorite book? "I'm a Big Brother"
7. What are your favorite movies? Movie Cars and Flushed Away
8. What is your favorite cartoon? Handy Manny
9. What is your favorite toy? Happy Hummer Truck
10. What are your favorite things to do? Drive cars, eat, sing songs, read books, play with friends, color letters with Daddy, body check my brother (stop it, Mommy, these are supposed to be my answers)
11. What is your favorite song to sing? ABC's
12. What is your favorite letter? X
13. What makes you SO happy? Daddy's green gum

Okay, now it's Mommy talking. Here are some of Buddha's quirks, personality traits, and funnies:
- Buddha is afraid of ceiling fans with three lights. He says they are upset.
- Buddha always says "HA!" when he's surprised or excited.
- Buddha is afraid of the "star guy" and the "red teeth guy," both of whom live in the sky according to him.
- Buddha hates it when Daddy and Mommy walk around the house in their underclothing. He always tells them to "wear a shirt," and he won't give them hugs until they do.
- Buddha won't eat anything suspicious...which translates to "Buddha won't eat anything," pretty much.
- Buddha loves to "type X" on the computer. We open a blank Word document for him and he goes to town with alphabet letters. He's a regular computer pro, using the "backspace" and "arrow" keys. He can even type his name on his own if you ask him to. How's that for evidence of a changed society? Our three-year-old knows how to type his name before he has learned to write it. Ha!
- Buddha has a stubborn streak a mile long! He'd rather scream and cry and have a meltdown than eat off a blue spoon when he asked for a green one.
- Buddha doesn't like to give Mommy morning hugs because he says her "nose stinks." I believe he is referring to her morning breath, in which case I don't blame him. :)
- Buddha gets excited to wear shoes that require socks, because then, when he takes his shoes and socks off, he gets to clean out his "sock toes."
- Buddha loves to watch reality TV with his Mommy and Daddy. His current favorite is "The Next Iron Chef." He also enjoys watching "The Amazing Race" and "The Biggest Loser."
- Buddha loves to memorize and repeat commercial jingles. A few such jingles are Papa John's pizza, Stanley Steemer (he knows both versions of their commercial), Empire Glass, Campbell's soup, Banner Mattress, Superior Water, and the list goes on. (Note: We do not watch all that much TV. Buddha just has that incredible memory where he can watch/listen to something once and remember it forever....I wish I had that.)
- Buddha can identify almost every store we've ever been to at least once. He tells me when Wal-Mart trucks go by. He yells out "Stater Bro's" every time we go past it. He'll bring a receipt to me and say, "Look, Mommy, Home Depot!" It's almost like he can read, but I know it's mostly just memorization and recognition. It's still impressive to me, though.
- Buddha will only let me brush his teeth for him if I sing songs while I'm brushing. We usually make it through a song about three times before he loses interest and terminates the dental session.
- Buddha is a creature of habit. Each night at bed time, if we try to cut corners on the routine, Buddha will always insist that each step is carried out in its proper order. First we put on jammies, then we read a story, then we read scriptures, then we brush our teeth, then we say prayers, then we go to bed. Nothing can be eliminated without a lot of pleading and tears.
- Buddha is so smart and so funny. He makes us laugh every single day with the funny and innocent things he says. Here are a couple of Buddha's most recent funnies:

1 - Last week, Buddha was lying in bed with me when The Chief left for work. As the car started in the garage, Buddha asked, "Mommy, what's that sound?" I said, "I think that's Daddy getting ready to leave for work." Then the garage door began to roll up. I just recently sprayed it off to get rid of ash from the fires, so it's been squeaking a bit. Buddha said, "Ha! What's that sound?" I said, it's the squeaky garage door. To which Buddha deftly replied, "Let's put some WWD-40 on it so it can move easier!"

2- Yesterday Buddha and I were having a little conversation about Jesus before Church. At one point I asked Buddha if Jesus ever talked to him. He said, "Yes." I asked, "What did Jesus say to you?" Buddha replied, "He spoke Spanish." :)


Melissa said...

Cute little ode to Soren. I think him and Josh would get along very well. He loves cars too and all things associated with the movie and toys. He also loves to type in word. I love that he has an issue with modesty too! What a good guy! Very smart and manly with the WD40- and it's good to know that Jesus speaks Spanish.

Lauren said...

Liz, this was very entertaining. It's fun to get a better idea of how grown up Soren is. He sounds very intelligent and silly! I can tell that you are a fun mom.

Robert & Jacqui said...

I love it! He's such a crack up! You've got a great son. Jonathan really misses him. We'll have to find a way to come hang out soon. I'll have to teach Jonathan how to type (he likes to play computer games with the mouse right now) and then he and Soren can email back and forth! :)

ScottnLisa said...

I love this post! I think it's hysterical that he thinks some ceiling fans can be upset! Toddler's imaginations are so amazing. I hope he doesn't distress you at night over the star guy and the red teeth guy. Crystal is terrified of the garbage man. Every time she hears the garbage truck she runs into my lap and screams "The Scary guy!" For some reason she also calls him "the sandman." Nice to know that she's not nuts and that Soren has his own fears, but sad that the little guy gets afraid. Anyway, this post was highly entertaining, so thank you.

Kristen said...

I loved this post, especially the part about Jesus speaking Spanish. What a cute boy! I fixed your name, you're right, it was the bagel factory that messed me up. :) Thanks for your interest and support in our cloth diapering experiment, we'll see if I can keep up with the laundry...

Chris and Chelz said...

that is so cute! i love that Jesus speaks spanish!