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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Our Veterans Day Surprise

Well, I finally got around to posting this. It's a miracle. There's just so much going on! On Monday, The Chief surprised us by coming home from work early. We let Bugga finish his nap and then we packed up and headed for Sea World. The Chief called it our Family Home Day. :) I, of course, brought along our new "toy" so that I could try out all the different settings. As you can see, I went a little crazy with the dang thing. :) But, I did get some great pictures, so no complaining! We had a great time visiting the shark exhibit, the penguins, and the Wild Arctic. We passed through the tide pool and the Flamingos on our way to catch the only show left that day - "Believe" (aka Shamu). Buddha loves this show because he gets to help the whales splash the audience. I love this show because I get to watch pure delight suffuse Buddha's innocent little face. Win-win. Bugga just had the best time walking all over the park, holding onto my finger. He was in heaven. There's a short video at the end of the endless pictures. I shot the video after Shamu's show was over. Buddha was still a bit distracted. :) Thanks for taking half a day off, Papa, it was great!
Penguin exhibit

Watching the penguins

Buddha and Bugga looking for Beluga Whales

Watching Beluga Whales from above

Making sure the glass is still there :)

Daddy and Buddha in the bear cave

Lazy Polar Bear

All my boys in the bear cave


Bugga watching the Beluga Whales from under the water

I think these are such graceful creatures!

My worst fear!!!!

Gotta love the Flamingos :)

Look out, Buddha! You might be next! :)

Tide pool treasures

Daddy and Buddha watching "Believe" (aka The Shamu Show)


"Shamu! Shamu!" Buddha helping Shamu splash the audience.

It worked!

So proud! So happy!

Surfing on Shamu! Buddha loves it when the trainers do this.
He gets excited every time! :)

Clapping along with the music and the trainers

The End

Here's the video clip:


Bells said...

Wow, Soren is getting TALL (or maybe he just looks that way in caves).

The Wirthlin Family... said...

How fun!!! Dan is looking way skinny!

Brooklet said...

Looking at those pictures makes me really thirsty.

The penguins are always my favorite at the zoo.

Mom said...

Dad said . . .
Fun photos! We want to do that, too, when we're there in January. Is it too cold to do Sea World in the middle of January? Thanks for preparing that photographic journey so we could live the moment with the boys also. - Dad

Robert & Jacqui said...

I'm so jealous! I was looking at all the pictures and telling Robert we need to move to San Diego just so we can have a season pass to Sea World! I can't believe how big Anders is getting. And Dan is looking really skinny!!! Way to go Dan! Glad you guys had such a great Family Day!