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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Feast

Well, it was a feast of family and food today. We had a great time with all of The Chief's siblings and their kids at Grandma and Grandpa's house here in Arizona. Well, a great time with a few memorable moments mixed in for good flavor. At one point during the day, we thought we lost Buddha. This was especially worrisome since Grandma and Grandpa have a pool. It turns out he was next door at Aunt Toradol's house with Uncle T and his boys jumping on the trampoline. Phew! Then, to add insult to injury, I checked on Bugga who was supposed to be napping but still had not gone to sleep. What I found was definitely not pretty. There he sat, in the middle of Grandma's crib, playing with his poop. There was also poop smeared on the sheet, the crib bars, his clothes, his blanket, and his stuffed elephant (which is machine washable, thankfully). Enough with the blowouts already, Bugga! Later in the day I found Bugga munching on a puppy teething bone after which he tried to drink water from the Lily's puppy bowl. That was fun. Ah, but what would family get-togethers be without the awesome stories to tell for years to come? Here are some pictures of the preparations and celebrations. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Good luck to all you insane people who like to take advantage of Black Friday savings. Personally, I'd rather lock myself in a room full of screaming toddlers than get up at 4:00 in the morning just to throw myself at the mercy of a possessed crowd of desperate shoppers. Hmmm...those two scenarios are actually fairly equivalent in torment level minus the waking up early...and that's a big factor for me! Well anyway, you Black Friday lovers don't forget to share your early bird stories with us. I want to know who got the juiciest worm of all.

Let me come upstairs, too!

Buddha playing his cousin's Leapster, Leap Pad, Leap Frog thingy.

Grandma's baby - cute little Lily.

Lily and Bugga

I'm so hungry I could eat a stool!

Two beautiful birds!

Grandpa carving the Turkey

Beautiful decorations by Grandma

Grandma and Aunt Sooz preparing our feast

My Mommy takes tons of pictures of me. She thinks I'm sooooo cute!

Sitting in one of Grandma's many, many rocking chairs

What a little ham!

Cousins Zoey and Jessy



The cousins. Of course Bugga wouldn't look at the camera.

Our very own Jim Carey.
This is Aunt Toradol, Miss Daisy, and Uncle Jake

Jake helped me figure out the consecutive shots option
on our camera. Pretty cool!

Cousin Zoey with Bugga

The little ones (and cousin Jake) were driving their cars around and around Grandma's circle coffee table.

Miss Daisy's baby, Sampson (Lily's brother).


The Wirthlin Family... said...

Yippy! I love the new Christmas background & I love the pictures! Thanks for posting so quickly!

Sara said...

Great pics! Cute dogs, and children, and funny aunts, uncles, and random cousins....looks like an awesome family! Plus, love the Christmas stuff- excellent holiday atmosphere here.

Don and Amy Bennion said...

Looks like fun times! I love Thanksgiving. We got invited to someone's house here for dinner, and I was so excited that we didn't just have to breeze over the holiday! Scary feeling to think Soren is lost. That happened to us a couple weeks ago with William. No fun!
Anders is looking so old! I can't believe it. It's nice that AZ is a pretty close drive from San Diego. Relatively speaking, I guess. 6 hours is better than the 12 hours from Utah, huh?
I'm glad you had fun!

Liz said...

Oh yes, we definitely like the six hour drive better than the 12 hour drive! I'm glad you were able to celebrate Thanksgiving, too. It's nice to still be able to observe US holidays even when you're not in the US. :)

daniell miner said...

so cute! it looks like u guys had so much fun!i know im a slacker, i havnt posted thanksgiving yet...im getting there! you guys make the cutest kids! i have 2 girls,,,you have 2 boys...hmmmm! :)cute couples! j/k hope you guys are well. we miss u tons!

Lisa said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun and family. It is just what the holidays are about. It was funny to see everyone in short sleeves. We all had our winter coats on this weekend! I can relate about the smearing poop incident. Parker had it all over an entire bedroom and all his toys. I am glad he is out of that phase!

Scott & Karin said...

Here's my Black Friday story. This is the first time I've ever gone, and it may very well be the last. I went to get a kitchenaid mixer. I have my sister's, but she just moved back from Italy and I have to give it up. I got up at five and we went to Kohl's first, all out, then on to Walmart, they were all out too, except for the display model. They were on sale for $140. I took the display model and because they didn't have a box for it, I got and extra 10% off. Yippee! So all told, I spent $125 on a brand new kitchenaid! I still don't think I'll ever go again. 5 am really wears on you.

Liz said...

Karin, that's awesome! Five in the morning is crazy, but for a $125 Kitchenaid...it's worth it!

Daniell, we'll take your girls for our boys any day! They are adorable. :)

ScottnLisa said...

I love it. The picture where anders is making a funny face reminds me a little of Sorens funny faces in his pictures. Cute. I'm sorry about the poop...I totally know what that's all about, I've been there thanks to Crystal. I'm glad soren was okay...that would give any mom a few minutes of sheer terror.