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Sunday, November 4, 2007


Today in nursery the kids had little suns pinned on their shirts that said, "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam." On the way home, I asked Buddha if he was going to be a sunbeam for Jesus. He was very emphatic when he replied, "I'm not a sunbeam! I'm just a kid!"


ScottnLisa said...

lol. At least he didn't lie just to please you!

Brooklet said...

We had the older nursery kids come down to music time in primary yesterday, and when I told Claire that soon she will be a sunbeam and she gets to start coming to primary, she said, I am not a sunbeam, I am just a butterfly.

Lisa said...

It must be the age. When I call Parker by any nickname he says, "no I am not! I am Parker!" He also gets upset when I call him little. He always reminds me that he is not a baby but is a big boy. I think he has found his independence and doesn't want me to baby him anymore. I can't believe that Soren is almost three. It was fun seeing the counter on your page. Parker always asks when are we going to go play at Sorens.

miriam said...

I use a canon rebel (camera) and I follow ava and ryan around everywhere we go. it's almost a problem. and then i edit my pictures on adobe. it takes a lot of time, but i love doing it and i think it's all worth it in the long run! :)